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The beauty of a new week is that you have the opportunity to take on new projects, new ideas, new outlooks, and a new way to just about anything you set your mind to. While it’s a good thing to plan, the most critical key is following through with action. Remember there is no designated day of the week to start a new anything. You have seven days to choose from, so today is always an opportunity for a new beginning!

Have a phenomenal week!



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Look Like A Boss By Following These 11 Dos and Don'ts During Fashion Week

A Good Time

Everyone wants to have a good time when they attending a fashion event. Any time you attend a hosted event it goes without saying that you are a guest accepting your responsibility as an attendee. There’s an unspoken agreement that by attending a fashion event, that you, the attendee are a guest that to supports the whole event from the moment you arrive to the venue until the time you depart. If you recall last season I put together a 5 Day guide to help people navigate Fashion Week . In Fashion Week Guide Part 05 I focused on the topic of Fashion Show Etiquette for attendees. I wanted to revisit those points and add a few more rules that fashion goers should abide by.

Not your show


You should not find yourself at the center of attention unless you are in the spotlight on the black/red/green carpet or posing for pictures at the designated time and place. If the fashion event is not your own, then all eyes needn’t be on you.

Stay humble.

Show some respect

Image by  Sabine Mondestin  from  Pixabay

All fashion events are important fashion events to someone. Time, effort, and money has been put into the fashion events being hosted. Yes, the host eventually wants you to buy the fashions, but they also want everyone in attendance to have a good time. As an attendee whether you are in VIP or in the General Standing area, sponsor or ticket winner, red carpet event or pop-up shop treat each event and its attendees with respect.

Keep it to yourself

Photo by  Godisable Jacob  from  Pexels

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

Nothing is worse than going to a show and watching in horror as someone in a front seat has a leg or a bag reaching out to the middle of a runway. Keep everything on your person as close to you and as far away from the runway as possible as not to distract models from their walking path. Also, be mindful not to obstruct clear runway shots of photographers. Don’t be sh#$ty person. Pull it in!

Runways are for models & company

Photo by  sachin bharti  from  Pexels

Photo by sachin bharti from Pexels

The runway is sacred space for models, designers, hosts, etc. Non affiliates walking across them is considered bad luck and bad form. If you must, walk as close to the sitting area as possible without disturbing other attendees and stay off of the runway. If you really have to get a picture of yourself on the runway wait until after the show or run the risk of being asked to leave an event.  

Golf claps & snaps

Photo by  from  Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

When you attend shows a great way to let designers know that you love their fashion is to give a short golf course claps or controlled snaps. This is a way to show respect for your favorite designs and to make sure that the attention stays on the clothes, not you. If you feel so moved by a piece that a vocal response cannot be stopped, so be it, but remain respectful with your words and keep it short. At the end of every presentation (end of a line or designer run) be sure to kick up your enthusiasm for said designer(s) to show your appreciation of their showcase.

Not your seat, Don’t sit down

Photo by  Ambar Simpang  from  Pexels

Photo by Ambar Simpang from Pexels

You should never ever sit down in a seat that isn’t reserved for you. Besides that fact that people have paid extra money or are affiliates of shows it’s considered bad form. No one should have to ask you to move out of the seat they have paid for. Once you have your seat and it’s 10 -15 minutes before the show you should stay rooted in your assigned seat until the very end of the show. The same can be said for those in the designated standing areas, just stay put.

Keep yourself upright

Photo by  Jacob Prose  from  Pexels

Photo by Jacob Prose from Pexels

Being lucky enough to be sitting in the front row is awesome. Be humble and sit in your seat as not to obstruct the view for anyone else. If you are shooting the show live on social media do your absolute best to stay upright so everyone on either side of you also has an unobstructed view of the fashions coming and going down the runway.

Leave tall headwear home

Image by  Roland Nikrandt  from  Pixabay

Image by Roland Nikrandt from Pixabay

Hats and head-wraps are great for the red carpet, but if your headgear is more than a few inches high then leave it at home. You don’t want to be the a#$hole that is blocking views because you want to be cute.

Dress as requested

Photo by  nappy  from  Pexels

Photo by nappy from Pexels

If the coordinator asks their guests to dress in black then dress in black. If they ask you to wear a mask get a mask or a fancy hand fan.  If the event it 18+ then by Jove you better be 18+. Do not take liberties and do whatever you want. Coordinators have set the boundaries for a reason, trust that over being a diva.

Social Media

If you are going live or snapping pictures to post to social media do your best to tag and @ the event, venue, model, etc. It’s a great idea to figure out which tags you want to use ahead of time as not to miss other fashions coming down the runway. If someone corrects you with information, be sure to update your info ASAP and thank them for their help.   

Have fun

Photo by  Godisable Jacob  from  Pexels

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

As mentioned in the first section, everyone wants to have a good time.  Enjoy the fashion as it comes down the runway give a nod to the model as they pass you.  Try to leave the negativity outside of the venue and enjoy the show, the people, event, and the fashions.

If you can follow these rules then you will make the fashion week experience great for everyone. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Dress to impress and see you at the show.

Black Fashion Week Minnesota (BFWMN) Has Returned for a Spring 2019

Black Fashion Week Minnesota Returns

Black Fashion Week Minnesota (#BFWMN) is alive and right around the corner. #BFWMN is a platform that gives IPOC designers and makers a chance to showcase their talents and efforts. Attendees of Black Fashion Week MN also get the rare opportunity to truly surround themselves with a fashion industry made of members from our black, latinx, asian, and indigenous communities. BFWMN will showcase local talent and include nationally recognized names during its run from April 18- April 27.

Black Fashion Week MN is hosting five official events including the jump off event “The A-List Mixer” hosted on Thursday, April 18. This premier event will be held at the stylish boutique hotel, Moxy Minneapolis Uptown. The A-List Mixer will be an event where BFWMN attendees can rendezvous, sip a little somthin’, and meet other fashion & style like-minded folks before fashion events get underway. Tickets for this fashion-packed week will be sold on-site at discounted rates for events that haven’t yet been sold out.

The current event roster lists the Tim & Thom presents Black Hearts Ball (black & white formal event) taking place on April 19, Fashion Bazaar will happen on April 20, 40 Lux & Fashionable on April 26 and Black Man Magic with Karl Kani on April 27.  

There will be photographers (and people that be doing the most with their cameras and phones, much like myself) on shutter mode. BFWMN is definitely a dress to impress affair. When I reached out to ask about the dress attire for guests this what a representative had to say, “For any of the fashion shows you attend at Black Fashion Week Mn you can wear whatever you like...whatever feels fashionable, whatever you feel pretty in.”  

Before go time you should brush up on fashion show etiquette and stay updated on everything #BFWMN related by following @blackfashionweekmn on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out events & such  to stay in the know of the latest MN POC Community Events & Upcoming Opportunities at

As always I will do my best to keep you updated on all of the latest MN POC Community Events, but I am only one person, please visit the events & such page to submit an event or updates, today.

POC Public Announcement: LPF Productions Casting Local Models, Local Twin Cities Vendors, and Performing Artists

LPF Productions will be hosting a fashion event on Saturday, April 28. I’m not affiliated, but came across this piece of information on Instagram I came across an all call casting for local models, vendors, and performing artists. Casting call open until Friday, April 5. If you are interested in modeling, performing, or being a vendor for a fashion event you want to reach out to LPF Productions via IG @lpfproductions.

LPF Productions is seeking:

  • 10 Models

  • 8 Vendors

  • 4 performing artists

Direct Message (DM) @lpfproductions if you are interested in being a part of a energetic and entertaining fashion event during Twin Cities Fashion Week. Minnesota POC Community let’s get the word out and keep on lifting our communities through networking and sharing when great opportunties arise. We owe it to ourselves to be seen and heard.

This has been a Minneasota POC Community Public Annoucnement by Mahina.