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The world tells us that we as Women of Color don't matter.  We are bombarded with messages that us that we have to follow the rules and regulations of stereotype threats that we didn't create. This blog has something to say to that...kissmypassion! Read between the lines and you'll catch my meaning. kissmypassion stans for our communities of color, supporting our women and protecting our women. Our opinions count, our money matters, and our voices need to be heard. The ugly truth is we gave life to this nation whether we wanted to or not. It is within our rights to want more, expect more, and demand for more. 

kissmypassion focuses on style, positivity,  education, reviews, living life & supporting minority-owned businesses confidently, compassionately and unapologetically. This blog was created to remind women that we don't always have to "roar" to be heard nor should we have to.  If they won't listen to our words, then we'll make them listen through their margins, wallets, and our actions. 

I'm kind of a big deal

I hope through this blog I will get the opportunity to build a community with other like minded women, spread some positivity, create a movement, and truly live life.

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30 something | 4'11" | afro-american mix | minnesota |omnivore | kitchen experiments | makeup | natural hair & braids | plus sized fashion | knitting & crochet | snapchat | twitter | pinterest |  auntie life | stay cute | home spa treatments | passion for lipstick | writing  | laughing | introverted extrovert |  

open letter to my readers

I have lived my life never quite fitting into the world's definition of what a woman of color should be, how she should act, look, think, or even feel. My life experiences have taught me that I am only allowed to be me, nothing more nothing less.  I have watched those around me struggle with their identities within their family, the workplace, in education and in our communities. I know that struggle, very intimately and my journey has taught me that we don't survive alone, we have friends, mentors, and people in our lives that hold us accountable actions.  We have higher expectations for ourselves and the people we choose to surround ourselves with.   

I have long since declared that my happiness isn't determined by anyone else, but me. By default, I've taken life by the reins and have made my voice heard and always stay accessorized to make sure I am seen. I have lived a lot of life, learned a lot of lessons, and now I have a platform to share my knowledge.  I welcome you on this never-ending journey. And invite you to get information, love yourSelf, support our communities, and when the world forgets who they are dealing with tell them to "kissmypassion."  

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mahina reyes