Brand New Start in 2018

When I put together this website initially I had a grandiose vision of what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to be trendy, perfect,  and to do what all of the other bloggers were doing. I took courses, read blogs, subscribed to email lists, and read books a plenty. I started trying to do things that would appeal to readers when I really wasn’t sure who they were.  I wasn’t loving what I was writing because I was under the impression that you just needed to write something to get started, be consistent, and try to monetize. I would wrack my brain trying to figure out what I could write so that people would want to read and come back to my website and blog. This really fun and unique thing began to feel like this is a burden. I didn’t like that feeling I didn’t want that, I don’t want that.

Writing, photography, and crafting are all therapies for me. These activities allow me to release stress, verbalize my ideas and emotions in a non-self destructive way. Because I was swept away in the hype I put more pressure, stress, and  set goals that were clearly unrealistic, unattainable.  I was writing with my voice but not telling the stories from my heart. And that leads us to this moment right now.  

I am at a crossroads about to commit the cardinal sin frowned upon and even discouraged within the blogging community. I am starting over.  Same name, same place, even the same look, but wiping the slate clean. I’m creating a format that works for me and hopefully will be seen by those who are looking for an online personality that wants to build a community, foster awareness, and create a knowledge base. I’m not going to be a blog-o-naire. But I am going to carve out my space as a lifestyle expert, content curator, and online personality. I welcome you on this journey with me. Either it’s going to go well...Or Nah.

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx



An online personality and storyteller in the realm of fashion, local Twin Cities life, and the empowerment of women of color and supporting communities of color. Generally spotted around town snapping photos, riding buses, and attempting to mind my own business.