1001 Project Reboot 2018

I’m doing it again! The plan is to complete 101 goals in 101 days.  I tried this once before and did just okay; I want to do it a little bit bigger this time around. So for those who don’t know what’s going on by now I’ll be quick. Rather than doing the traditional New Year Resolutions I am opting to complete 101 “projects” in 1001 days which is roughly 2.75 years.

This list is a combination of goals, tasks, and bucket list items that I want to complete in an effort to make lifestyle changes and get to those things I have always wanted to do. Though, the journey is half the battle I have a rough outline of when I want to complete these things as not to just have a random list with no plan. I’m taking this very seriously and plan to cross off everything there.  I will use my 1001  Web Page to keep a record of my progress and link to posts in the blog logging my experiences. 

Start Date:    January 1, 2018   End Date:  September 28, 2020

Health & Flexibility

  • Achieve personal weight goal 
  • Take a yoga class
  • Take on 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  • Take 10 dance/fitness classes
  • Run a mile
  • Sign up for a dance class
  • Participate in 6 5K events
  • Do Jillian Michael’s “30 day Shred”
  • Take on 30 Day Split Challenge
  • Take on 30 day Plank Challenge
  • Do 50 consecutive Push ups
  • Do 100 consecutive sit-ups
  • Do 200 squat challenge
  • No fast food for a month
  • Try Vegetarian life for 30 Days
  • Create a home yoga routine
  • Take on 30 Day Smoothie Challenge
  • Take a break from dairy for 60 days


Guess I have something in common with Santa Claus we both have lists and we're checking them twice...(Don't judge). Cheers to crossing my fingers and hoping that I can get it all done.  If not, it's not the end of the world, right?

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx