1001: Succulent Lemon-Thyme Salmon

1001 Project: Learning - Try 30 different recipes

January 13,2018 | Succulent Lemon-Thyme Salmon | 1/30 Recipes

Not too long ago I made my first dish of 2018 from a cookbook.  The recipe that I used came from The I Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfeld. I attempted to make the salmon per cookbook directions and it turned out quite successfully. I no doubt have a few things that I will tweak in the future, but it tasted great. The world will be in shock when I tell you I actually I was able to shake off my no eating leftovers policy. What helped was that I had a plan and schedule of what I would eat with each fillet each day that week.  I even served my sister a piece and she was proud. I had never thought to broil fish before. Sure I’d fried it, baked it, and even ate it raw. It blew the doors off my proverbial oven when I realized that I could broil it.  I’m officially looking at other recipes to see what other pescado y mariscos can be broiled with seasonings.

Personally, I found that the salmon was not enough. I ended up eating the salmon with rice or in a salad. The thyme was better for garnish vs for taste. Next time I will use two other greens between the fish and lemon and leave that thyme alone.  Once I have experimented a bit and if I remember I will try to post a revamped recipe. In case you didn’t know I’m a full flavor kind of gal, so expect there to be several spices and an array of zest.

I’m proud to write 1 down, 29 more to go, Cheers!

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx