Happy Turkey Day!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating.  Upon this holiday wish you moments of enlightenment and intellectual conversation discussing the history of the day you are celebrating. The historical lies that have been passed on as Truth are no longer effective, and they haven’t been for quite some time. Don’t fall for the narrative presented by colonizers look internally into communities of color to seek the truth.

Never forget.

In communities of color, we have a responsibility to ourselves, to one another to stop making excuses for the colonizers and their legacies. It is not our burden to repent nor apologize for. It is our responsibility to stop trying to distance ourselves from the reality and sugar coating the atrocities that have befallen us as though they are but small trivial.

Never forget.

Oral narratives are still very relevant and important in our communities. By continuing to tell our stories, tell our Truths is how we keep the colonizers and their legacies from erasing or editing the past, the truth, and our communities.  They fear the truth for a reason.

Never forget.

This Turkey Day let us acknowledge the wrongs of the past and make a pledge to be better moving forward. This holiday season take the time to learn the truth and pass that knowledge on to the next generation so that no one is allowed never forget what was and we can hopefully prevent it from being what will be.

Never forget.

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx



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