day 010 of 365

December 10, 2018

Mondays…the just keep happening.

This week I was able to just relax from my weekend and rest also known as catching up on Netflix. My current obsessions are Rebelde and Rubi which has reignited random Spanish phrases springing out of my face at any given moment along with belting out “Y soy rebelde”.

I stopped watching Rebelde before because year 5 had new people and they were hella annoying except for Tomas’ cousin (shout out to Pilar’’s hair color change, loved it!) And Rubí...Rubí was a train wreck that I couldn’t stop watching. I still can’t stop watching, I’m not sure why. It’s so cringe-worthy and I feel compelled to cuss out pretty much every character because everybody is trash (Mind you not the same kind of trash as Las muñecas de la mafia. And by trash I mean stupid.) I promise you that I have never ever wanted to throttle a character (Rubí) so badly in all my life.

So yeah it’s another Monday…