day 011 of 365

December 11, 2018

Today was…a day. It all started when I received a glass straw wine glass contraption in the mail. I know that I saw this thing in passing and it was a recommended product on Amazon. But I didn’t buy it or add it to my wishlist, and in my mailbox it appeared. I’m not mad at it, I’m just super confused as to where none of that, but it found it’s way into my mailbox.  I’ve gone over my order history and I am pretty confused. There was no additional shipping information beyond the package label of some kind of factory in China. It was sent via my online name, but why, remains a mystery. If there was supposed to be a review attached to it (because I still do that) the company is out of luck I have nothing to work with here.

Next,  I rolled over getting my legs got caught in the pillow that was caught up in the inner blankets, and down I went right off the edge of the bed.. I just laid there looking at the ceiling wondering if I broke my hip, because it seemed pretty age appropriate. I didn’t, I’m okay, but my bed is still a hot mess of pillow and blankets.

Later I get to work to find out the supervisor will be out until mid January and then I ran into a closing door…

…So work was fun…

Happy Tuesday!