day 012 of 365

December 12, 2018

As most people around me know I am a thinker.  I am opening myself up to more reflection, thinking, understanding the perplexities of happiness and pleasure. So while I was reading around in the lifestyle blogging world I made an observation while visiting more than 30 blogs. Though it’s nothing new, it still kind of irked me that everywhere I explored I noticed content creators were creating gift lists. The intention of these lists are to give people gift ideas for this holiday season. The lists varied in products and pricing and there were a lot of links involved, sponsorship, etc. The common theme used positive emotions to hype the attainment of tangible things.  Using words like love, family, happy, needs, exciting, amazing, worth it, and care as emotional gift wrap to encourage spending.

I get it, content creators need to make money too, and through monetizing their websites and giving people gift ideas during the “gift giving” season is totally a thing. It completely makes sense, ‘tis the season after all.  But it was still unsettling to see and fully acknowledge.  I admit even I will fall into this not so great trend before the end of the month.  I will more than likely created a list of my own of online POC owned businesses for people to check out. (I mean if people are seeking to spend money anyway, why not encourage them to support businesses in communities of color?)  Back to the point at hand, the truly disturbing part is grounded in selling the ideology that you can give people happiness in the form of tangible items.

We feed and perpetuate commercialism and debt mongering capitalism without looking at the bigger picture and what that means for humanity. We are fixated on instant gratification forgetting that most of these tangible things accumulate, things get used up, things get stolen, things get thrown out, things get forgotten and things only last for so long. It’s crazy that more often than not, people treat things better than they treat other people. That to me is stomach dropping. People are willing to give all of their energy to things rather than other human beings. That’s the bigger picture that I hope that people see and understand.  

I have no interest in ruining the holiday season for you.  It’s your money and you can spend it anyway you want to. Celebrate, buy and participate in gift giving, support local businesses. But when you are gift giving this season and looking at the bigger picture beyond December 25th as  l pose the question; will the gift(s) that you are investing in only satisfy temporarily, will your gift fill a void that makes life better for someone else, does your gift assist in making humanity humane?