day 019 of 365

December 19, 2018

I came across My Boyfriend Thinks I’m Waiting For Him To Propose And I’m Insulted at MadamNorie written by Julia Austin. I went through and read this piece and decided to respond being the obnoxiously opinionated lady that I am. (I told y’all Imma get all 365 posts in no matter what!) This is the chisme: A woman pours her heart out explaining how her man is constantly on alert letting her know that he ain’t finna propose anytime soon and assumes sista- girl is waiting and expecting “that” moment. According to Miss Austin, they have had the marriage talk and are both on the same page when it comes to waiting and she’s insulted that her man is acting like she’s waiting around for a marriage proposal to happen. She puts forth the idea to readers that every time there is a potential intimate moment where an “ideal” proposal could take place, this dude is quick to interject, a proposal isn’t happening. The writer then proceeds to explain that she ain’t waitin and this fool ain’t trying to hear it. Keep reading to see what I had to say on the matter...

Now let me be the first to say, honey child don't be pressed! I don't know you or your cariño so the following is all based on assumptions and you know what people say about that ish…

It sounds like there has been some discussion that possibly went right into one ear and out the other. The words were heard but the message was not. It may be time to just have another sit down with your novio and try to set the record straight once and for all.

Two questions need to be asked and followed by a reminder:

Firstly, What makes him think that you are waiting for a proposal? Second, Where is all this pressure of marriage coming from if it ain’t from you? Lastly, Remind him that his doubts when you are telling him the truth make you out to be the liar and that ain’t you. (I mean it could be, but I don’t know you like that.)

Communicate, Communicate, communicate.  If he’s so pressed it could mean something on his side of things and you are not responsible for that, he is.  

And as far as being insulted, let me address that in once sentence: I’m insulted for you.

The end.