day 022 of 365

December 22, 2018

longing for my telenovela

I’m in that place where I’ve finished watching a telenovela and all I can ask myself is “What did I do, now?”  I could start another series, but my mind is just not ready to move on. I was invested in all of the characters even the ones that drove me crazy with their horrible character flaws.

I literally lost sleep watching capítulos late in the night. I almost moved into that stage where you start obsessing about a completed series and start looking up all information related to it. I even contemplated into seeking out fan fiction to fill that empty void.

But reality prevails and soup kitchens need volunteers and I’m still seeking a new botánica to call home. Every once in a while I find myself asking what would [insert name of character] do or going down memory lane remembering bits and pieces of the series I was watching. Am I being extra if I just go back and start watching from the beginning all over again?