day 023 of 365

December 23, 2018

la botánica & gentrification

I was looking for more cleansing herbs and I’m unsure which botánica to go to. The one that I usually go to is no longer in business. [Insert super sigh and major sad face]. I feel like my only options are on Lake Street, but if the public transportation situation becomes a 2 hour ordeal. I thought about ordering online, but I’m pretty confident that my items wouldn’t arrive before the new year begins.

Let us talk about the fact that the botánica was the last shop on the block standing before it was bought out.  It made me feel a way when I went by and saw that in the place of this community hub there is fallout from the demolition and signs up for “Affordable Luxury Apartments” ...if they don’t get out of here with that mess.  The neighborhood is slowly being gutted and signs of gentrification are taking over. I don’t mind having to shop over on Lake, but I had a spot and people that I trusted and now I have to find another home and community. This is Minnesota it’s not like there are a whole lot of communities where you can find POC owned businesses located all in one spot.