day 025 of 365

December 25, 2018

finding what matters

While everyone else is celebrating Christmas I am getting prepared for the new year by performing cleansing rituals and prepping for Kwanzaa. I am focused on having a clear aura, mind, body, and spirit. While focusing less on the material things I have found peace this holiday season. I have used my time and energy to give back to communities that are in need.  Trust, I’m not that far off from falling in the need category, but I have excess that I can give. I have knowledge to share, love to give, and a little bit of time to spare.

This holiday season I feel lighter because I’ve been able to filter out the “noise” so that I was able to be better in tune to with the universe and human condition. Rather than getting caught up in the gift giving with tangible things, I am using what I have to give to others and also spending time catching up spiritually. I never knew that a holiday season could bee and feel so stress-free.