day 004 of 365

December 04, 2018

On the days that I feel unsure or have lost touch with self, meditating and consulting my cards has been a way for me to find clearer thought. Meditation slows down my thinking allowing me to relax. In card consulting I can find a message of the day that carries me forward, there’s usually a positive message to be shared.

The combination of card reading and meditation is also about trusting your intuition, knowing yourself, and seeing the big picture. In my experience it’s important to let ones mind create a message that can be visualized and felt at the same time. The process can be fuzzy and you can feel a little unsettled being unsure until you are truly focusing on being unfocused. Then comes accepting that everything is interconnected and a big jumbled mess that you don’t need to dismantle.

There’s this magical thing that happens in an unexpected breathe where you have been gifted with a crisp moment of clarity. That crisp moment is the moment that I wait for every morning when I meditate. Everything feels aligned and my feelers feel freely and have the energy to share my energy with others.