day 005 of 365

December 05, 2018

A majority of my photography that involves people has a pretty common theme. And that is showcasing people of color doing what they do best, living their lives unapologetically. I’ve written it before and I will continue to write again and again, we have to share our narrative. We have to take ownership of our accomplishments, failures, and everything else in between that concerns our communities.

We have to support and uplift from within our communities. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations. People of color have had a long standing history of sharing our stories and history through oral narration and visual content rather than relying on the written. An unfortunate fact is that we have been trained to assume that if information isn’t written in a book by an academic scholar or someone that has a degree then the information isn’t considered valid. If we don’t make our presence known, we don’t tell our stories, our history will be distorted and destroyed.  

Be seen, be heard, and make sure your narrative is never forgotten. I like to use my platforms to tell our stories. I can best do that through writing, storytelling, and photography. I try to stay as authentic as I can without cussing or being vulgar (because goodness knows with what comes out of my mouth I was probably a marine in my last life). I’m not the most skilled, I’ll keep doing what I can until I am.