day 008 of 365

December 08, 2018

Today is my birthday which is why I decided to get dressed up and be cute. Though I didn’t really do much to celebrate I did have a chance to be with family and that meant a lot to me. As far as birthday wishes, I didn’t have any this year. Odd, verdad? I spent even more time thinking and reflecting, something that I’m doing more and more these days. Trying to figure out what my next steps could or should be. I feel like I’m a point where I have to decide to just settle or do something to change the projection of my life. I’ve not quite hit the midlife crisis stage, but I figure it’s not too far off.

Before my next birthday, I have a few things that I really want to do, but the question is how can I do them with my very limited budget. I’m ready to move on to something better, something more rewarding and what I’m doing now isn’t it. I’m feeling the burn just before the burnout settles in. I have many possibilities to work from it’s just deciding which path is “the one”. Just when I think I’ve decided something comes along and disrupts it. I’m in that weird limbo where it goes without saying the next job that I get will more than likely be a job that I do for the rest of my life and retirement won’t be an option.

This is my time and I have to make the conscious decision to be the mover and shaker I want to be. Rather than waiting to do new year resolutions I opted to focus on things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I selected things that would help push me in creating content that I can make peace with, managing my well-being, and finding peace. This next leg of life is bound to be a quite the journey, but here I go.
Happy Birthday to me!  So December 8 is my birthday