day 009 of 365

December 09, 2018

Another Sunday means after a morning of cleaning next comes time spent planning with a cup of hot tea. Because I am a huge fan of trying to plan out my week (despite nothing going according to said plan) I have gotten down to the nitty-gritty of the week. I have even gone as far as starting to plan some major outings and projects for next year. It feels good and I’m feeling excited.

I have my doubts, of course, but I’ll keep taking each moment one by one. I am still learning how to just go with the flow and that’s okay. I think that we can forget that it’s okay not to have all of the answers right here and now. We want what we want when we want and sometimes life isn’t playing by our rules.

Learning how to just let go can be challenging, but I think that I have come up with a system that works well for me. It’s not something that’s groundbreaking, it’s all about the basics, patience, and breaking yourself from time constraints. Trust me, that last one is the hardest especially when you are working for someone else. I am planning, managing, and just rolling with each wave that comes my way.