Predictions of Fashion Week 2018

Just in case you haven’t opened a newspaper or any social app, let me be the first to welcome you to Fashion Week. February 8 marks the beginning of Fashion Week, a time to be inspired and expressive through textures and textiles. Fashion Week is a week dedicated to showcasing the latest fashion trends for the next season. Keep in mind it’s not just the big 4 (London, Paris, New York, Milan) that are getting in on the action. Local creatives are hosting smaller fashion shows and pop-up shops for the season of fashion. This year I am very interested in seeing where the inspiration comes from and how it will be reflected.  

the bad & ugly

In the fashion industry there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. In the bad and ugly I have no doubt there will be more than a few designers claiming ownership of cultural artifacts and designs that have no actual association or cultural relevance to said designers. There will of course be some kind of sparked outcry in communities of color. Where non members will spout ridiculous rhetoric about how people of color should feel honored that nons are embracing the culture and bringing awareness, but said nons will  neglect to share how communities of color are often ridiculed for their style and uniqueness and how property as whiteness is still an actual thing deep rooted in fashion and style industry.  

the good

Politics aside, sitting near the runway brings a sense of excitement and satisfaction from the very moment the lights dim as the music starts. The anticipation is palpable while the world waits to see what styles are coming in new and what’s coming back for a second debut. 2018 so far is screaming asymmetrical geometric cutouts and cutoffs, leaving nothing to the imagination sheer fabrics; bold prints with even bolder colors; gray and silver as the new black; to top it all off,  sequins and whatever else glitters in the light. I predict that there will be a handful of designers of color making waves in the industry by addressing social justice issues by intertwining inspired fashion statements that prove we can do both without offending marginalized populations.

watch fashion week online

Of course, everyone wants to be there, front row and center to see what creations are leading the trends of the  season, fortunately for us not so well connected folk, Fashion Week Online will be streaming some of the major fashion shows. For the rest of us who just didn't make the list to this year's round of shows we have access to the live streams and available replays so that we can watch what we want to watch when we want to watch it. Don’t forget to check out your local listings to find out what fashion shows are taking place in your area. Happy watching!

Muchos besos,

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