Hello March Goals 2018

Happy March and National Women’s History Month! Happy birthday to all my  Pisces and Aries out there. March marks the dawn of Springtime and new beginnings. As always I’m making goals and crossing items off of my 1001 Project List. Which includes supporting our communities.  As I continue on my quest to support businesses owned and ran by People Of Color (POC) I find myself feeling a little overwhelmed these days.

Though, I want to support as many businesses as I can, my bank account is crying out from abuse.  During each week of March I will try to showcase at least 1 item purchased from a POC owned business to make sure I am showing our communities support and giving them some exposure.  As you can see below I have a lot of things I want to do and I hope you all send positive vibes my way encouraging me to get them all done.  I can and I will accomplish my goals for March...verdad?  Wish me luck my y’all!

Personal Goals

  •  Keep sticking to planner & Schedules
  • Put together and start planning a family day
  • Flex photography skills with flat lays (5)
  •  Cook/bake a new dish from newest cookbook
  •  Complete 30 Day Cleaning Challenge (Popsugar.com)

 Professional Goals

  • Create digital portfolio
  • Apply for 5 writing gigs
  •  Apply to 10 University Jobs
  • Go to 1 Meet Up

Blogging & Influencer Goals

  • Create Realistic Editorial Calendar
  • Post to blog 2 times a week
  •  Post 7 days a week on Instagram
  • Create 2 YouTube projects
  • Speak on 1 POC owned business a Week

 Health Goals

  • Complete 30 Day Walking Challenge (piecesinprogress.tumblr.com)
  • Sign up for a gym membership
  • No Soda this month & keep a water bottle on hand
  • Complete Buns, Guns, & Abs Challenge (squishycheeksandcupcakes.com)

1001 Project Items

  • Got to a museum
  • Purchase tickets to Fashion Shows
  • Watch a TedTalk
  • Plan MN Family Reunion
  • Learn about getting gun permit
  • Do Taxes
  • Visit a historical site
  • Plan a brunch date for friends

I have  a few 30 day challenges that hopefully will compliment each other and get me to where I need to be in my health. I am also seeking to get out of my depression mode and get back into the swing of things through meditation and writing. I know that if I stick to a plan I can do what I have set out to do, but it will only work if I stay active, take care of myself and don’t lose my head.  I have a lot want to do can a partial plan to do it all.? Comment below to share what goals you have set for March and an update on those resolutions. Until next time mi gente.

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx




An online personality and storyteller in the realm of fashion, local Twin Cities life, and the empowerment of women of color and supporting communities of color. Generally spotted around town snapping photos, riding buses, and attempting to mind my own business.