Hey April Goals 2018

It's April

Happy April and National Volunteer Month! Happy birthday to all my Arians and Taureans out there. April brings us one step closer to summer. As always I’m making goals and crossing items off of my 1001 Project List. The lists seem never ending and I love it! As I continue on my journey to better and brighter things I find myself wanting to create more opportunities and share information with my communities. 

I think I want to start posting information on events that are coming up and I think are worth a the time. During each week of April I will try to showcase at least 2 events to make sure I am showing our communities support and giving them some exposure.  As you can see below I have a lot of things I want to do and I hope you all send positive vibes my way encouraging me to get them all done.  I can and I will accomplish my goals for April!  Wish me luck!

March Review

The orginal plan was to stick to using my planner and that kind of fell apart which pretty much killed most of my other goals as well.  Hey you win some, you lose some.  I will definitely be giving it another try for a majority of the goals.  Let's celebrate the wins shall we?!?


I applied for 2 writing gigs.  I'm didn't hear back from either company so I am pretty confident those ships have sailed, but on the flip side I went for it and I'm proud that I stepped up my game. I filled out a few applications to a couple of universities only to conclude that that's not where I want to my career to be moving forward. Participating in a workshop or two is more than ideal so I'm putting together a couple of workshops and I'll get to pitching them to high schools and unis. 

Also on my win list, I have been posting on Instagram, trust I fell behind for a bit.  But I got right back on and I have to say I am pleased with myself. It was touch and go for awhile because My Instagram Stories wasn't working properly for a hot minute. 

Guess who finally got signed up for a gym membership and actually started going to said gym?  That's right, this lady right here!  This time next year I'm going to be benching on the rows! 

I got my taxes done, watched 2 TedTalks, tickets for fashion shows have been purchased and I'm about to send out a brunch invite for friends!  So all in all I am super proud of my progress.  I was able to complete at least 1 item on each of my categories.  That deserves a well earned glass of wine.  

April Goals

Personal Goals

  • Keep sticking to planner & Schedules
  • Flex photography skills with flat lays (5)
  • Cook/bake a new dish
  •  Complete 30 Day Cleaning Challenge (Popsugar.com)

 Professional Goals

  • Apply for 2 writing gigs
  • Apply to 5 online job opps
  • Go to 1 Meet Up

Blogging & Influencer Goals

  • Create Realistic Editorial Calendar
  • Post to blog 2 times a week
  • Create 2 YouTube projects
  • Speak on 2 POC owned business this month

 Health Goals

  • Complete 30 Day Walking Challenge (piecesinprogress.tumblr.com)
  • No Soda this month & keep a water bottle on hand
  • Drink one cup of green tea a day
  • Complete Buns, Guns, & Abs Challenge (squishycheeksandcupcakes.com)

1001 Project Items

  • Got to a museum
  • Watch a TedTalk
  • Plan MN Family Reunion
  • Visit a historical site
  • Plan a theme brunch date for friends

Once again, I have a handful of 30 day challenges that I  plan to complete. As long as I keep moving forward and not waste time away in bed I know I can get through my challenges successfully.   Hey you, I wanna know how you're doing!  Don't for get to scroll down to the comment section and give me your updates and how share how those resolutions are going. Until next time, friends!

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx




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