mylife 001

 I decided that if I truly wanted to start my journaling adventure I needed to start somewhere. mylife, will basically focus on just that, my personal life and musings. By publishing this journal online I feel like I can share my story, my narrative.  There's this rumor on the internets that nothing ever truly gets deleted.  

I figure that my story will go on long after I give up on blogging and this website. I'm opting to share my legacy, knowledge, wisdom, and experience here for all to see. I’m not quite the mothering type. I'm definitely  the Auntie, an advisor, the life coach, the hype-you-up-friend, yes to all of those things. But not the quite the role model type, or the one that will spare your feelings. I am imperfectly imperfect. 

I am very much human and want to leave a mark on the world that is not in the form of another human being with my DNA.  So this journaling gig is truly my very selfish attempt to leave behind a legacy, a legacy that is my story shaped by my personal narrative. 

Some days will be exciting, some days will not. I may have paragraphs on paragraphs of text or simple images.  On others days I may just post a one or two word post. Let's be real I may only post once a month or everyday for a week. I make no promises because don’t want to waste time making excuses or having to explain myself when I do or don't. I  just want to write when my heart moves me.  I would love to have an interactive community, but the likelihood of that is pretty slim considering how saturated the blog game is. I'm not really a sales person I'm a real person with real experiences.  Experiences I can't wait to share with you.

I'm interested in hearing about the journey of other women of color . I know I'm not the only one! So make sure that you leave your blog information in the comment section below, especially if you to find yourself on the journaling/personal blogging side. 

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx