21 Minnesotan Things To Do This Summer

1. Cross the border (WI) and grab some fireworks

Can you find places to purchase fireworks in Minnesota, maybe, But it’s totally a good time and road trip with friends just for the journey of it. And while you are out don’t forget to pick up a case or two of Spotted Cow.

Epic water fights are the the truest form of summer fun

Epic water fights are the the truest form of summer fun

2. Plan a Summer Splash Party aka Water Fight where guns are mandatory

Because Minnesota basically has three seasons (hot, snow, & construction) pulling out the slip & slides, water pistols, water balloons and having an epic water fight is a sure sign that we are in the midst of a Minnesota Summer.     

3. Go stargazing with your pals or by yourself

When you can get out of the city lights stargazing can be as relaxing as it can be therapeutic. Whether you go with friends or alone arm yourself with a phone and download an astronomy app while you try to connect the dots.

4. Head over the Foshay to get some photo-worthy selfies

The history behind the Foshay Hotel has a bittersweet history.  In all of its drama, the W has kept the Foshay Overlook with impressive historical artifacts & images. This feels more like a home tourist spot if nothing else that begs for a selfie. 

5. Ride the Streetcar

Ride the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line around Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska (formerly known as Lake Calhoun).  It’s just something that you have to do.  If you want to make people really uncomfortable ask when the first person of color was allowed to ride the streetcar who was a passenger, not a worker...I’m just sayin...

Visit 5 different farmers market since you have so many to choose from

Visit 5 different farmers market since you have so many to choose from

6. Visit 5 different farmers markets

If there’s one thing that we have an overabundance of its farmers markets.  Spring, Winter, Fall, and summer there’s always a farmers market to visit and shop.  Not only do you get to buy local, but you are pretty much guaranteed to run into people you know. It’s like a Minnesota thing if there was ever one.

7. Go see a movie in the park

Minnesota is famously known for its lakes, but we seem to forget about our 10,000 parks.  Parks and green space through Minnesota understand the power of films and how it can bring people together. A movie in the park is just what you need to get out of our Netflix slump.

8. If you are 21+ tour a winery and/brewery in the same week

It’s like craft beer central in the metro area, so why not take advantage of it? Facts. There are more than 25 vineyards in Minnesota.  Honestly, people what are you waiting for get a glass and get to sipping. 

9. Attend a small town festival

Small towns are a dime a dozen and the festivals and celebrations are limitless.  One of the best things about the small town festivals is that so many people are rolling through that being a festival-crasher is to be expected. 

No bonfire is complete without snacks and friends

No bonfire is complete without snacks and friends

10. Host or go to  a bonfire

Something that I can honestly say I miss about living in the rural areas is that bonfires are pretty much a necessity.  It’s an amazing way to spend time with friends and family.  It’s also a fantastic way to cap off a long summer day.  

11. Relax at the beach

Man-made or natural, Summers were made for fun in the sun at the beach. Granted the lake situation probably won’t compare to the ocean or even the sea, but it’s still worth the trip.  Relaxing at the beach with a good book, friends and cool drinks is “the life”. 

12. Watch the Sunset & Sunrise

The scenery in Minnesota can be absolutely breathtaking and you really don’t even have to leave the city. And if you want to get away from it all there are so many spots to go hiking and climbing. There are countless walking bridges and creeks to visit and if you time it just writes you can grab a camera and a friend to watch the sunset and/or rise.  

13. Cool down by touring a local museum

During construction season & hot season dealing with traffic is the worst. So one can beat the heat by taking local transportation to the nearest museum. Not only do you get out of the house you get a chance to learn something. 

A good book stimulates the mind in all four seasons

A good book stimulates the mind in all four seasons

14. Read a book

This is more of a biased suggestion.  I love reading and I think everyone else should, too.  I mean when you think about it if more people spent more time reading books they would have less time to focus on being horrible to other people...just a thought. 

15. Spend a little time at an ice cream shop

Turns out about over half of ice cream spots shut down at first snow until hot happens. There are so many more options when it comes to ice cream parlors & shops in the summer. So why not tour as many as you can before the snow rolls in? 

 16. Ride a Nice Ride bike

If you have ever been to the Chain of Lakes and in the downtown area you may have noticed the lime green and blue bikes that are pretty much everywhere. The rides hare bikes are apart of a program that allows people to rent a bike to use. What’s great is that there are bike stations in major areas so people can bike leisurely around the city or lake you can even attach a basket and run errands.

17. Take on a self-guided walking tour

There is a lot to do and see in the Twin Cities. Whether it’s historical, local, or just for the fun of it creating your own walking tour is a fantastic way to explore, take pictures, and stay healthy. You can head over to a local welcome center and get ideas of what your tour could look like. 

Sometimes art projects just call to you

Sometimes art projects just call to you

18. Do an artsy project

The Metro Area is known for its amazing arts, galleries, lofts, theaters, and more.  There’s some much art that you secretly want to create your own.  Take on a DIY or relive your kindergarten days with glue, paper, paints, and feathers. Just do it, you know you want to. 

19. Do some major bubble blowing

If you are looking for a major stress release and a way to cool down blowing bubbles is the way to go.  You can make your own or head over to a dollar shop and buy a bottle.  Relive your childhood with bubbles friends and wide open spaces. 

20. Resist the urge of feeding the birds of Downtown

If you are local and you think it’s cute to feed the birds, you are actually one of the most annoying people in the world and an enabler.  If you are not local I will give you the benefit of the doubt and trust that you don’t know any better. Facts when you feed the birds they assume that if they return there will be more food for them in the future then all of the sudden bird poo is everywhere and no one else is able to eat outdoors because of the bird plague you people have created. Just stop. If you really want to feed someone there are homeless people that would benefit greatly from your kindness. 

21. Get your walking shoes on and your wallet ready for the Minnesota State Fair!

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest attended fairs in the state and with good reason.  There’s food, drinks, concerts, contests, games, rides, things you can get for free. And because it’s one of the largest and so widely attended you are bound to run into people you know and kind of know.  It’s a good time and a great way to begin saying your goodbyes to the summer. 



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