Fashion Week MN 2018 Guide Part 01

Culture Piece Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Culture Piece Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Fashion Week is kind of a big deal in Minnesota. On top of being a hotbed of amazing art and creative minds, it's no wonder the fashion industry is just as fierce. Fashion Week can be a great experience and an amazing opportunity for locals to see what Minnesota has to offer in the fashion arena. To make sure you get the most out of the experience I have put together a five-day guide to get you ready and prepared for the fashion events to come. In preparation, I will supply some general info surrounding the history and story behind Fashion Week in Minnesota, as well as a handful of must-see events and shows. I will also give you some tips on who & what to wear, where to eat, and share some basic fashion show etiquette via daily posts.

The basics

Fashion Week is essentially a trendy description of fashion related events (official & unofficial) that take place during the span of a week. A much better label would be Fashion Month (but it doesn’t sound as awesome), with fashion events taking place throughout the entire month, but with a huge concentration of fashion events taking place during a one week period, usually separated by region (i.e. Fashion Week New York, Fashion Week Minnesota, etc) thus, Fashion Week.

 Minnesota is definitely not one to be left out of industry functions, cue Fashion Week MN  Org (FWMN).  FWMN is a community-driven organization that supports and connects local Minnesota fashion industry and fashion-minded Minnesotans.  These connections include everyone from the designers to photographers to retailers to magazines and more. With a diverse combination of fashion minds and community, FWMN is able to host two fashion packed weeks of events, one week hosted in the fall while the other is hosted in the spring.

University Of Minnesota This Is Now Fashion Show 2018

University Of Minnesota This Is Now Fashion Show 2018

what to expect

Each fashion show/event presented during Fashion Week in Minnesota has its own theme and style. There are fashion shows, pop-up shops, fashion presentations, live podcasts broadcasts, mixers, and panels. There are some events that give attendees the opportunity to meet with the designers and even buy items right off the runway.

 FWMN Fall 2018 actually takes place during Fashion Month which is a major plus in my books. In between attending events in Minnesota, you can watch Fashion Week Online live to widen your fashion scope. While the Big Four draws tons of crowds local events remind you that you really aren’t missing out.

let’s get real

At least on the local level us regular people get to see and buy clothing that is affordable and meant to be worn. Don't’ get me wrong I love the aesthetics of the Big Four in fashion, but those fashions are not really intended the average Joan. A lot of what we are seeing on the Big Four runways are art pieces and items that are meant for people that believe that paying $800 for a plain tee shirt is just a drop in a bucket.  I will speak only speak for myself when I say I’m not about that life, I got bills to pay and family to take care of.

 FWMN is growing beyond the organization itself which has created such a buzz that even those that are not officially a part of the FWMN line up will put on shows around the same time which creates more event options.  It has been my personal observation that a majority of unofficial events tend to put on shows/events with a more diverse cast of models, designers, brands, and audiences.  

next post

One of the most difficult situations for any fashion week is trying to figure out what shows you need to attend. Be sure to make your way back to the kissmypassion Blog tomorrow to see my list of must-see fashion event recommendations.  

 To find more information specifically about FWMN and official FWMN events be sure to visit