Fashion Week MN Guide Part 04

Minnesota Fashion Week Eats

Glad to see you made it to Part 04 of Fashion Week MN Guide 2018 Series. In the previous articles in this series Fashion Week MN Guide 2018, I shared with readers some general fashion options and designers to wear during Fashion Week and Fashion Week Minnesota. I also gave you my 2018 Must Attend Recommendations.

In this post I’m giving you some Instagram Worthy Restaurants with good food to eat. Fashion Week is all about Style so not only do you want to look good you want to eat good too.  I have pulled together 7 Awesomely Instagrammable places for you to snap pictures and eat.



If you are looking for something quiet and quiet, baby, you looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking for something loud, charming, Instagrammable, and having a good time then this is the place for you (and me).  Tilia is an awesome spot to visit with friends and have a really great time eating. Great conversations are had and because space is pretty intimate you can enjoy listening on the conversations of others. The brunch & lunch options are too tasty to keep to yourself. If you are looking to stop in for dinner beware! If you don’t mind a hefty wait for dinner, then enter the queue at your own risk.  

Hell’s Kitchen’s

Pancake Breakfast

American Dining at it’s best, so make sure you make a reservation to make time. The food is good, the atmosphere is great, and the staff is pretty cool. For the most part, food comes out looking pretty social-media-post-ready and it’s actually edible!  There are some fan favorites when it comes to their menu, but it’s a gamble you have to be willing to take. Hell’s kitchen is a great spot to visit, even though parking is not. Visiting this venue with friends or solo is definitely worth a shot. Before you eat take time to explore the decoration and spend some time looking over the humorously named food items on your menu.

Hoban Korean BBQ

Grilling Squid

This a good spot to come with friends to drink, eat, and be merry. If you have a love for KPop then you will find you are in the best place ever! While the customer service is not top notch, the food is good and it’s a pretty spacious venue. If you are looking for a place to chill for a while and really enjoy your food, you should plan to arrive pretty close to open before the mad dash of rowdy people rolls in. The food looks great and with space at your table so you can definitely work the camera especially with that lighting. Shoo’ don’t be afraid to take shots from multiple angles.

Hai Hai

Seafood in Sauce

The food is good and makes sure the company you bring with is, too.  The food is fun and flavorful. It’s definitely worth it to check out the menu online ahead of time so you won’t be surprised and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll want to ask about portions as your eyes will definitely get your stomach and wallet in trouble. The tropical vibes are fun and the drinks are flirty. You can’t help but find the charm in the the mismatched dishes and garnished drinks. If you gotta do it for the Gram the I recommend coming at least an hour or two before the sunsets to get the best lighting .



The food is so picturesque and stylish.  If you aren’t on a tight budget then Martina is a top pick for picture-worthy locations to eat at. The decor is chic and the food pairs well with it.  This is a pretty trendy spot so reservations are a must. The drinks are not only tasty but just as beautiful as the food. This is a great spot to eat at even though sometimes the staff can be pretty off-putting.  If you just focus on why you are there then it’s all worth it. It’s all about the lighting so pay attention to placement and don’t be afraid to ask for a spot with the goods.

BLVD Kitchen & Bar


Brunch is all the rage at this casual dining restaurant. Though you have to travel out to the burbs it’s a good trek to make for some pretty and tasty food. It’s also a good spot for fun-filled drinks. The lighting is decent so you just might get that Instagram worthy photo in. The atmosphere is relaxed but can get pretty loud. This is an establishment where you want to ask about portion sizes otherwise the joke will be on you. Try not to skip on the desserts or else you will be sorry. Not just for missing out on a tongue titillating experience, but they are majorly artisan.  



The food is great, the atmosphere is great, it’s just great. The food is pretty much out of the minds of the Food Network. Eating at Nightingale can be a real challenge because you are torn between snapping pics and indulging in your food. Because all of my experiences have been positive I might be just a tad bias.  This spot is pretty hip, yes I wrote that. Fashionistas everywhere will feel right at home. The Chef can do no wrong, the bartenders know what’s up, and the servers are hella cool. The food and drinks are equally beautiful to look at and just as enjoyable to eat. And oddly enough the restrooms are picture worthy so IG is a definite must after your pit stop.

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Now that you have ideas on what you want to wear and which events to attend it’s time to start thinking about where you want to eat and mingle!  Be sure to make your way back to the kissmypassion Blog to find out proper fashion show attendee etiquette.