Fashion Week MN Guide Part 05

Proper Fashion Show Etiquette

Welcome to Part 05 of Fashion Week MN Guide 2018 Series. As we wrap up this series and Fashion Week in the Twin Cities I want to share that this season has been quite the experience. As sad as I am that things are wrapping up, I’m glad to share this final piece because too many people seem completely lost.  It’s important to remember when you attend a fashion event that you are a guest. By accepting an invitation, purchasing a ticket, and attending an event you are saying that you are there to support the whole event from the moment you arrive to the venue until the time you exit.

Runways are for models & company

Runways for Models & Co

The runway is sacred land for models, designers, hosts, etc. Non affiliates walking across any runway is considered bad luck and bad form. If you must, walk as close to the sitting/standing area as possible without disturbing other attendees and stay off of the runway. If you really have to get a picture of yourself on the runway wait until after the show or run the risk of being asked to leave an event.  

Dress as requested

If the coordinator asks their guests to dress in black then dress in black. If they ask you to wear a mask get a mask or a fancy hand fan.  If the event it 18+ then by Jove you better be 18+. Do not take liberties and just do what+ever you want. Coordinators have set the boundaries for a reason, trust that over being a diva.

Golf claps & snaps

When you attend shows a great way to let designers know that you love what you are seeing is to give their fashion a nice little golf course clap or controlled snaps. This is a way to show respect for your favorite designs and to make sure that the attention stays on the clothing, not you. At the end of every presentation (end of a line or designer run) be sure to kick up your enthusiasm for said designer(s) to show your appreciation for showcasing their designs.

Not your seat, Don’t sit down

You should never ever sit down in a seat that isn’t reserved for you. Besides that fact that some people have had to pay monies for their seats or are affiliates of shows it’s considered bad form. No one should have to ask you to move out of the seat they has been reserved for them. Once you have your seat and it’s 10 to 15 minutes before the show you should stay rooted in your spot until the very end of the show. The same can be said for those in the designated standing area. Just stay put.

Sit Up Diva

Keep it to yourself

Nothing is worse than going to a show and watching in horror as someone in a front row seat has a leg or a bag reaching out into the middle of a runway. Keep everything on your person as close to you and as far away from the runway as possible. You do not want to distract models from their walking path or obstruct clear runway shots of photographers. Don’t be that sh#$ty person. Pull it in!

Keep yourself upright

Being lucky enough to be sitting in the front row is awesome. Be humble and sit in your seat as not to obstruct the view for anyone else. If you are shooting the show live on social media do your absolute best to stay upright so everyone on either side of you also has an unobstructed view of the fashions coming and going down the runway.

Social Media

If you are going live or snapping pictures to post to social media do your best to tag and @ the event, venue, model, etc. It’s a great idea to get figure out which tags you want to use ahead of time as not to miss other fashions coming down the runway. If someone corrects you with information, be sure to update your info ASAP and thank them for their time.   

Have Fun People

Have fun

Everyone wants to have a good time. Enjoy the fashion as it comes down the runway and be sure to give a nod to the models as they pass you. Keep Debbie Downer at home. If that’s your personality, I get it, but try your best not to ruin the event for everyone else. Smile, keep conversations short, and take plenty of pictures. Try to leave the negativity outside of the venue and enjoy the show, the people, event, and the fashions.

If you can follow these rules then you will make the fashion week experience great for everyone. Thank you for reading and see you next season!