day 033 of 365

January 2, 2019

Writing in 2019  

I’ve also been dabbling in script writing because, why not? My scripts are pretty horrible, but you have to start in order to grow and learn…or that’s what I hear. The dialogue that I envision may be a little too real for digestion so none of those may ever see daylight no matter how much I enjoy it. And my characters…Let’s just say I’m inspired by the world around me.  Storytelling is my thing. I love drawing pictures with words and pulling emotions out of my readers. Which brings me to the blog.

I wanted to attack this blogging thing from a different angle for 2019.  I wanted to incorporate my 365+ project (make sure to post something every day) while adding different features during the month.  I’m in the process of still hashing out a set schedule and what I want to call and categorize my works. While I currently wouldn’t call myself an out of this world writer, I would have to say I’m good depending on the topic. I’ve been told that in order to really find my voice and spread my wings I have to stretch and tone my writing skills to become better. Trust, this gurl will never seek perfection, but I will try to get this grammar thing together. I write how I talk so you can imagine the struggle.

While my distant future dream is to be a commentator and a columnist for a somewhat respectable publication is something that I aspire to, being a blogger and photographer are a good cover as well. .

So I thank you ahead of time for coming along with me in my writing journey and for leaving comments, sharing, and interacting with me from time to time.  May 2019 be the beginning of a lucrative writing career.