day 034 of 365

January 3, 2019

New Arrivals

I love to shop with the best of them and there is nothing more than I love than a really great deal.  Just be for the holidays started rolling I did a little bit of online shopping and managed to forget that it even happened.  Does that classify as a shopping blackout? I went to this one website that is POC Owned and apparently went to town. In my mind’s memory I was super intentional and bought only bought one item.  When I went to the package locker to pick up what I thought I ordered I thought I was trippin’.

When I saw the size of the box for what I ordered I had to shake my head.  I see packages all night where I work so I’m used to seeing boxes that are way oversized for some pretty small items.  So that seemed normal enough, but then things took a hot right turn. I definitely looked confused when I picked up my box and realized that my package was much heavier than it should have been.

Tell me why, when I opened up my box I had flashes of my purchase experience. Is it possible to have shopping blackouts? I’m telling you that is what happened!  Same day, I get an email letting me know about another shipment being on its way…Definitely, don’t remember those purchases either.