day 035 of 365

January 4, 2019

Straws, Though

People are such odd creatures and common courtesy, mutual respect, and common sense are a dying breed. I recently saw an extremely disturbing video clip on Instagram that involved a white male customer and a Black Woman who was an employee at McDonald’s. Apparently, the man inquiries about a straw and the employee tells him that by law that cannot give out straws or something to that effect. Then the white man throws a tantrum and ends up attacking this Black woman as people stood by and watched that clusterf*ck happen.

Now I don’t know the whole story, only what I’ve seen on IG.  But I don’t believe it had to get that far, especially over some straws.

Of all of the things you could possibly be outraged by…

Straws. Not guns, drugs, domestic violence, or even child predators, but straws.

I’m going to leave that right there and go mind my business while I try to learn more about what really went down.

Because straws, though.