day 037 of 365

January 6, 2019

Language, Plot Twist

Today I had a moment when while I was out doing a return. I have been so immersed in a novela over the last few days that when the store cloak asked me a question I responded in Spanish when she was clearly speaking English. We both just stood there for a while looking at each other waiting for someone to respond. Talk about awkward.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. When I was on a four day Dramafever binge random Korean phrases would pop out in the middle of phone conversations and texts. Not as awkward, but still had people asking questions.

There were even times when I would hear people speak and my mind created English, Spanish, or Korean subtitles to translate whatever I was hearing within my visual peripheral. Strange, but true.  I’m one of those strange ones, are you even surprised?