day 038 of 365

January 7, 2019

Being Sick Blows

I’m sick and it super sucks. And in celebration of my bratty attitude due to my current illness I thought I would create a Top 5 List sharing why being sick sucks.

Feeling super crappy and want nothing more than to lay in bed and hibernate even though I have a million and one things to do. And leaves me to doing random things while “resting” in the mess of tissues, meds, and anything else in the vicinity for comfort.

Breathing incites violent coughing which turns into gagging and then retching followed by non-breathing. It’s a viscous never ending cycle.

Every time a sneeze occurs the body involuntarily reacts and one just might accidentally pee a little.

Snot happens without warning or consent so being in public is a little like Russian Roulette. The drip is real and no one tells you until it’s too late.

And the worst part of being sick is that everything hurts and you are sure that death is following you and waiting gleefully while watching you suffer.