day 039 of 365

January 8, 2019

and we laughed

I have long abandoned the idea that one needs 1,000 friends to be happy (thank goodness that phase died out in junior high). I love all 9 of my friends and I love that we just get each other. For example, one day I was hanging out with my of my girlfriends watching the Home Shopping Network and my friend turns to me and says to me, “You know what we should do?” And we both got a serious look on our faces and shared a knowing look and she says “We should go for a run.” We sat in silence for a good 7 seconds then we both started laughing so hard we ended up hyperventilating with stomach cramps. After we finally settled down we had a 30 minute conversation about great inventions that had yet to be in existence that would be best beneficial our quest for a lazy Sunday soon followed by a nap.

 Moral of the story: It’s an funny thing to look back and reflect on your values from the past and compare them to the present.