Where Black Excellence, H. White Men's Room, and Community Meet

When one thinks of Urban Contemporary Art, Minneapolis comes to mind. But when it comes to Urban Contemporary Fashion, it almost seems like a foreign concept. The Twin Cities fashion scene is at the early stages of appreciation as local creatives are showcasing the many faces and cultures that call this area home. HW Men’s Room was founded by Houston White in 1978, starting as an upscale barbershop located in the Camden Community in North Minneapolis serving black men and the community.

In the heart of H White Men’s Room Barbershop began the evolution of HWMR expanding from styling black men to coffee & conversation to lifestyle and fashion. Today, HWMR is best known as an urban community lifestyle label with the mantra and brand, Black Excellence. HW’s Black Excellence and fashion line King Kunta are more than just brands and logs produced by HWMR, they’re a part of a movement. HW has showcased through style, fashion and community events its commitment to challenging the normalized ideas of silencing black voices and the erasure of black people from existing “traditional” spaces.

Whether you are looking for a tee, hoodie, or hat, HWMR offers classic streetwear with a contemporary urban feel. HW features fashion with a positive message and a nod to yesteryear with collections such as BE the Change, Black Excellence Collection, HWMR Classic, and the SMaRT Art Collection. As a woman of color, I respect the space and the fact that it is reserved for Black Men as a barbershop. Ways that you can show support are by attending HWMR hosted events, stopping in to shop merch, and by telling the Black and Latinx men in your life to stop in HWMR to get lined up, have a cup of coffee, and tell two more people to stop in.

Bonus Info:

At the time of this posting, there was a “30% Off All ‘Classic’ Black Excellence Tee’s” when using the discount code: BHM30.  Be sure to support HWMR and everything that they are representing for our community by stopping into HWMR or shopping online at HWMR to get your urban fashion look right.