building blocks for building self confidence

July 16, 2019


Finding your voice, getting to know yourself, to build self-confidence can be hard AF. It’s not something that you tend to just do overnight. Knowing yourself and being unapologetically you can take some much needed time, engage in self-talk, have a deep love for yourself and stop comparing yourself to others.

Making the Time

One thing that is constantly holding people back from building self-confidence is assuming that it will just happen magically all on its own. Self-confidence takes time and effort. How can you get to know yourself if you aren’t taking the time to do so? There is a lot of self-talk, having love for yourself, creating boundaries that needs to take place. These things take time and effort. When things matter to you, you make the time to make them happen.

Love you, some You

Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and love yourself. Self-talk is a huge part of taking care of yourself.  With all of the negativity floating around and messages that continually tell us that we aren’t good enough we can lose ourselves in pessimism. Loving yourself is being kind to you knowing your triggers good and bad and dealing with them accordingly.


Being able to be completely real with yourself and inserting positive affirmations is a necessity. Self-talk is about hearing your voice over all of the other voices that are coming at you. As difficult as it can be one has to take the good with the bad and find a silver lining. Self-talk is also about checking yourself, owning up to the things that you aren’t proud of and owning the things that you are.

Stop Comparing

Every lifestyle guru and positivity life coach will tell you that on your path to any type of recovery and/or seeking a happier healthy lifestyle you must stop comparing yourself to others. By shifting your focus solely on you and own your capabilities you are cutting out unattainable expectations that are based on half knowledge. What people forget is when you get a story you are only getting parts of. The missing parts more often than not, actually play a contributing factor in the end results that people will gloss over. Nothing is wrong with having a role model and having similar goals, but one must stay recognize your unique story is unique to you.

Self-confidence doesn’t just happen.  It takes work, time, and understanding. Having compassion and patience for yourself above all is a necessity.  When you focus on you and the path of head of you there will be roadblocks in the form of negativity and setbacks and that’s okay. Listen to that inner voice that is telling you who you really are and what you will accomplish if you allow yourself.