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What’s Up

Hey, hey, hey, Minnesnowtans! What's up?!? It’s that time again where we need to gear up for elections if you haven’t started already. The upcoming generals/primaries between now and 2020 can and will have a significant impact on the next leading administration. So it’s extremely important for us to select wisely from here on out who we want to be our representatives. I want to use my platform to create building blocks for those that aren't sure where to start in this whole crazy ass political arena.

What I Won't Do

Now what I won't do is try to claim a role as a political analyst or having an expertise in politics. If that's what you are looking for, please search elsewhere. Know that this post is intended for those just getting into the voting spirit, attempting to get informed and becoming aware of what's going on.

So here's what I can do. I can let you know that I am activist and advocate for Women of Color. I absolutely do understand the need and importance to mobilize and stay informed. I do know that sitting around waiting for someone else to fight for my/your rights is a slippery road to maintaining  status quo (aka letting things remain are with little to no resistance.)  I hear people from my community consistently saying that they don't know where to start.  So let me give you a starting point.

Let's Be Clear

Despite the infinite knowledge we have access to there still seems to be the belief that the presidential races are the most important elections to keep an eye on. But that’s only half of the truth. Think about this, there are tons of positions that need to be filled beyond The President of the United States that weighs in and contributes to creating and challenging bills, laws, and policies. 

Keep in mind that there is supposed to be a equalizing of power with "checks and balances" (think back to 6th grade social studies classes.) Here’s a link to get your research started in case you don’t get how it all comes together. You can also refer to the Resources Section at the end of this post.  You have to want the information and make time for it. In Minnesota The Endorsement Conventions have already taken place and next up are the Primaries in August. 

2018 Timeline (MN)

This time line is reflective of Minnesota Elections.  Other States may have a different timeline so be aware that you can generally go to your own state's governemtn page to find out what your timeline looks like.

The Endorsement Conventions for DFL takes place in June (1-3) and Primaries take place August 14, General Election Absentee Voting Begins September 21 and of course General Elections are, November 6. 

Between now and November it’s time to start looking at the candidates and find out who best aligns with your political views. If you haven’t done so already now’s the time to make sure that you are registered to vote.   

Bottom Line

  • Make the time to do your own research and find what candidates are about.
  • Don’t vote blindly and don’t skip voting (because things like Trump happen.) 
  • I am not a political analyst, just a concerned citizen of a global community. (I have bias and that's okay, we can respectfully disagree.)

Register to vote if you haven’t already.  If you aren’t sure and you are from Minnesota use this link:  I think this is a good place to end things.  Below I have homework & resources below for those that are serious about this stuff.  Have at it and stay woke!
Muchos besos,
xX mahina Xx


Checks and Balances

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Voter Status

Check out your voting Status here:

Register to Vote Here:

Homework (1.5 hours):

Vocabulary List

  • Endorsement Conventions
  • Primary Elections
  • General Elections 
  • Absentee Voting

Take Action

  • Register to Vote if you haven't already
  • Encourage two other friends to register to vote


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