004/365: Early Mornings Greeting the Sun

August 4

004 of 365


Greeting the sun with a glass jar of water just be for the birds start causing a ruckus is definitely one of my favorite summer pastimes.

365 Redo in August 2019


365 redo

Good times, people, good times, and a hearty fail.

I am calling redo on my 365 project with project downgrades. Completing a 365 Project is still on my 1001 in 101 List and you best believe I’m gonna do complete this task if it’s the last thing that I do!

The first two tries were pretty good. I got to about a quarter of the year done then there were changes with the hosting that pretty much killed it. I’m going for another one folks and I’m determined! I can and will do a proper 365 project!

The Reason

One reason that I want to do 365 project is because it’s on my 1001 in 101 Days list. The second reason I am really interested in doing a 365+ blog post project is because I am interested in pursuing a project that will allow myself moments of real critical thought and creative exploration. By making a daily commitment to push my creativity and social activism to another level. I want to reinforce what I want to do with my blog by writing daily about what’s going on and flexing my photgraphy skills.


The Rules

As much as I wanted to free ball this, I realized that I do have to have a bit of a game plan. I can’t just run into this and hope it works out…I did that before and well, you see where we are now. The simpler and more flexible the the guidelines the easier it will be to stick to the plan and do this wholeheartedly. Here’s what I go thus, far:

  1. Post 1 image a day for 365+ days on kissmypassion (can be images or videos.)

  2. Don’t think too hard, but like what you are posting

  3. Carry a camera & notebook everywhere (phone counts, too)

  4. Don’t be afraid to miss a day, but don’t completely just give up either

  5. Don’t go for perfect go for what feels good

  6. Use prompt list when out of ideas

  7. Add and subtract rules as needed

getting started

The official start date of this 365 project will be is Thursday, August 1, 2019. And I will plan to run this project through the end of Dec 31, 2020. I am looking forward to getting started and give this daily thing a go. If you follow me on Instagram expect to see some changes that goes beyond fashion into whatever else comes to mind. It’s now or never!



An online personality and storyteller in the realm of fashion, local Twin Cities life, and the empowerment of women of color and supporting communities of color. Generally spotted around town snapping photos, riding buses, and attempting to mind my own business.

Letter to Women Of Color 002

Dear Women of Color,

It's important for you to know that your body is just one part of your whole being. You are more than your sex, you are more than the shell in which your inner goddess lives in. You are a magnificent being with a body, thoughts, energy, emotions, and beliefs. Let me remind you that you are entitled to have ownership of all of that. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to filter out which thoughts are your own versus societal norms and standards views that tell you your body, mind, soul, and energy are not your own. I have to say it again, it all belongs to you. And what is yours is not on display, for sale, or open to anyone that you don’t deem worthy.

It is not okay for anyone to ever touch your body without your explicit permission. That includes everything from the very ends of your hair to the very bottom of your soles.It all belongs to you and you alone. Nobody has the right to tell you what you can and cannot do with your body as long as you are not doing harm to others.

If you don’t want to hug someone, don’t hug them. If you don’t want to shake a hand, don’t shake a hand if you don’t want to kiss a cheek then don’t kiss a cheek. It is not your job to make your body accessible to anyone just because someone else wills it. You are the owner of your domain. Your domain will take care of you as long as you take care of it. Treat yourself well, Queen. Love yourself well, Queen. And don’t don't forget to adjust your crown, hold your head up high, and keep your eyes on the prize. Keep working hard, don’t lose hope, and never forget that you are in charge of you. .


xX  mahina  Xx