Fall 2019 Black Fashion Week MN returns!


Black Fashion Week MN will be returning to the Twin Cities Fall 2019 and I’m living for it!

What’s Up

Rumor has it Black Fashion Week MN (BFWMN) will be back in the Cities this fall and it's going to be an event to remember. While stalking the BFWMN social channels I have discovered the following: 

  1. .The was a model call on August 23 and everyone is talking about it

  2. Houston White, Natalie Morrow,  Manou Maimounata Effi, and Andrés Pérez are about to tear it up

  3. From what I’ve seen so far from conversation and images from behind the scenes, we are in for some thangs

Someone correct me if I’m wrong...

This past spring was the first time that I had a chance to attend Black Fashion Week MN (BFWMN) and I loved every moment of it. You get access to  the newest designs, exposed to amazing entertainment, and Minnesota POC come correct and dressed to impress. The majority of designers, models, vendors, and attendees are Black, it is Black Fashion Week Minnesota after all.  But you can expect to see designers, models, vendors, and attendees from a variety of backgrounds showcasing and showstopping in this inclusive parade of fashions. The Twin Cities BFWMN is a two-weekend event is not to be missed if you are a true fashion lover. 


I’ve been doing predictions pretty consistently for the last few years for different shows worldwide, and #BFWMN is not an exception. I anticipate the opposite reaction from what we've seen when it comes to participation this season.  While the Big Four Shows are cutting small sizing and going private, I predict that BFWMN will bring double the attendance and representation with sold out shows. I also predict underrated fashion designers will be making a debut and some unexpected collaborations are going to bring some major attention to the Twin Cities. I have no doubt that we can expect BFWMN shows filled with a mishmash of colors and textures walking down the runways just in time for the seasonal changes that goes hand in hand with life in the Midwest.  

This next prediction is pretty much the same prediction that I foresee in shows for the Spring 2020 Collections being showcased this season.  I foresee spurts of political fashion making its mark and being seen on and off the runway. I believe that we are going to see a lot of cultural inspirations and nods to iconic trailblazers. There is going to be a lot of sustainable fashions and forever wear and versatile pieces on display. 

So this is more wishful thinking than a prediction, but I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that we will see designers that have true plus-size clothing lines available.  

Be Prepared

This time around I am pulling from the budget I usually save for FWMN and shifting my dollars and lewks to prepare to attend BFWMN.  It should go without saying, but just in case you didn’t know BFWMN is a dress to impress situation and tickets move fast. Front row is always the first to get filled so if you want to make sure you and your party get the seats. Be sure to visit Black Fashion Week MN online and check their Facebook Page early and often to get first picks.  

For the record, I am not officially or unofficially associated with Black Fashion Week MN (BFWMN) in any way, shape or form. I just happen to be a black and brown woman that will be in the right place at the right time. You can follow me on social media @mahina.reyes on IG and Snapchat, @MahinaReyes on Twitter & Periscope while I take this online personality thing to the next level.

As always I am forever looking for events, businesses, and brands owned and run by POC to promote if you got something or know something please share! 

Miss Mahina