Off the Runway: Black HeartsBall Spring 2019

Fashion off the runway is just as important as the fashion on the runway. IWhen I attend events, especially fashion events I always try to make it my goal to scout around. See what the people are wearing or not wearing. I to take a moment to observe attendees. I want to know who is showing up, who is wearing what, and what networking opportunities would be worth seeking.

Below are just a hand full of people I was able to catch off the runway living in their style during this black & white affair at the Black Hearts Ball. During Twin Cities Fashion Month Spring 2019 Black Hearts Ball was featured during Black Fashion Week MN. Black Hearts Ball is a higher end fashion event hosted in Minnesota and always a crowd pleaser.

Black Hearts Ball Spring (27).jpg

Black Fashion Week Minnesota (BFWMN) Has Returned for a Spring 2019

Black Fashion Week Minnesota Returns

Black Fashion Week Minnesota (#BFWMN) is alive and right around the corner. #BFWMN is a platform that gives IPOC designers and makers a chance to showcase their talents and efforts. Attendees of Black Fashion Week MN also get the rare opportunity to truly surround themselves with a fashion industry made of members from our black, latinx, asian, and indigenous communities. BFWMN will showcase local talent and include nationally recognized names during its run from April 18- April 27.

Black Fashion Week MN is hosting five official events including the jump off event “The A-List Mixer” hosted on Thursday, April 18. This premier event will be held at the stylish boutique hotel, Moxy Minneapolis Uptown. The A-List Mixer will be an event where BFWMN attendees can rendezvous, sip a little somthin’, and meet other fashion & style like-minded folks before fashion events get underway. Tickets for this fashion-packed week will be sold on-site at discounted rates for events that haven’t yet been sold out.

The current event roster lists the Tim & Thom presents Black Hearts Ball (black & white formal event) taking place on April 19, Fashion Bazaar will happen on April 20, 40 Lux & Fashionable on April 26 and Black Man Magic with Karl Kani on April 27.  

There will be photographers (and people that be doing the most with their cameras and phones, much like myself) on shutter mode. BFWMN is definitely a dress to impress affair. When I reached out to ask about the dress attire for guests this what a representative had to say, “For any of the fashion shows you attend at Black Fashion Week Mn you can wear whatever you like...whatever feels fashionable, whatever you feel pretty in.”  

Before go time you should brush up on fashion show etiquette and stay updated on everything #BFWMN related by following @blackfashionweekmn on Instagram. Don’t forget to check out events & such  to stay in the know of the latest MN POC Community Events & Upcoming Opportunities at

As always I will do my best to keep you updated on all of the latest MN POC Community Events, but I am only one person, please visit the events & such page to submit an event or updates, today.

Fashion Week MN 2018 Guide Part 01

Culture Piece Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Culture Piece Spring 2018 Fashion Show

Fashion Week is kind of a big deal in Minnesota. On top of being a hotbed of amazing art and creative minds, it's no wonder the fashion industry is just as fierce. Fashion Week can be a great experience and an amazing opportunity for locals to see what Minnesota has to offer in the fashion arena. To make sure you get the most out of the experience I have put together a five-day guide to get you ready and prepared for the fashion events to come. In preparation, I will supply some general info surrounding the history and story behind Fashion Week in Minnesota, as well as a handful of must-see events and shows. I will also give you some tips on who & what to wear, where to eat, and share some basic fashion show etiquette via daily posts.

The basics

Fashion Week is essentially a trendy description of fashion related events (official & unofficial) that take place during the span of a week. A much better label would be Fashion Month (but it doesn’t sound as awesome), with fashion events taking place throughout the entire month, but with a huge concentration of fashion events taking place during a one week period, usually separated by region (i.e. Fashion Week New York, Fashion Week Minnesota, etc) thus, Fashion Week.

 Minnesota is definitely not one to be left out of industry functions, cue Fashion Week MN  Org (FWMN).  FWMN is a community-driven organization that supports and connects local Minnesota fashion industry and fashion-minded Minnesotans.  These connections include everyone from the designers to photographers to retailers to magazines and more. With a diverse combination of fashion minds and community, FWMN is able to host two fashion packed weeks of events, one week hosted in the fall while the other is hosted in the spring.

University Of Minnesota This Is Now Fashion Show 2018

University Of Minnesota This Is Now Fashion Show 2018

what to expect

Each fashion show/event presented during Fashion Week in Minnesota has its own theme and style. There are fashion shows, pop-up shops, fashion presentations, live podcasts broadcasts, mixers, and panels. There are some events that give attendees the opportunity to meet with the designers and even buy items right off the runway.

 FWMN Fall 2018 actually takes place during Fashion Month which is a major plus in my books. In between attending events in Minnesota, you can watch Fashion Week Online live to widen your fashion scope. While the Big Four draws tons of crowds local events remind you that you really aren’t missing out.

let’s get real

At least on the local level us regular people get to see and buy clothing that is affordable and meant to be worn. Don't’ get me wrong I love the aesthetics of the Big Four in fashion, but those fashions are not really intended the average Joan. A lot of what we are seeing on the Big Four runways are art pieces and items that are meant for people that believe that paying $800 for a plain tee shirt is just a drop in a bucket.  I will speak only speak for myself when I say I’m not about that life, I got bills to pay and family to take care of.

 FWMN is growing beyond the organization itself which has created such a buzz that even those that are not officially a part of the FWMN line up will put on shows around the same time which creates more event options.  It has been my personal observation that a majority of unofficial events tend to put on shows/events with a more diverse cast of models, designers, brands, and audiences.  

next post

One of the most difficult situations for any fashion week is trying to figure out what shows you need to attend. Be sure to make your way back to the kissmypassion Blog tomorrow to see my list of must-see fashion event recommendations.  

 To find more information specifically about FWMN and official FWMN events be sure to visit

My Take on Local Fashion in The Twin Cities

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

While everyone else in the fashion industry is focused on the big 4, I keep my eye on the locals and unrenowned. As a self-titled Fashionista and avid fashion show attendee, I love seeing new styles and fashions crafted from local artists. The fashion design pool in Minnesota has quite a few hidden gems, especially in a stream of designers of color. 

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit:  Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit:  Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Designers tend to showcase designs that reflect our many seasons and many faces. Minnesota fashion has its own vast array of character. The designs range from highbrow to lowbrow, street wear to formal wear and accommodates to seasonal flexibility. 

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Model on Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018 During Fashion Week Minnesota (FWMN)|   Photo Credit: Mahina

Attending local fashion shows is an excellent way to show your love for designers and see the newest local fashion before everyone else. At the end of most shows, there are opportunities to see designs up close and meet the designers. 

Orange Jumper on the Black Hearts Ball Runway Spring 2018

While I love to watching fashion going down a runway and fall in love with the movement of fabric being worked by the models, I am also a major fan of people watching. Not only do you get a runway fashion show you also get to see what real people are wearing. If there's one thing that I absolutely love about POC is that we always show up and show out; meaning you can never be overdressed for an event.

New Directions, From Lifestyle to Fashion Style

I am toying with the idea of blogging/vlogging more in the fashion and style arena.  I told myself I was going to be a lifestyle blogger, but looking at what holds my interest and passion, style & fashion call to me. My initial resistance from shifting gears comes from the lifestyle/style/ fashion blog/vlog genre being oversaturated. I get that I shouldn’t let the numbers or competition stop me, but I feel like it's almost too easy. And I grew up with the notion that nothing in life is easy.  

I feel ready to write from my inner snarky voice that seems to always have something to say. I want to play around and write about things that are real, sassy, pretty and skirt around trash meets classy. I want to inspire, but I also want to have fun writing and showcasing my personality,  my fashion, my personal style.

My sense of fashion and style is all about feeling good first then letting the style follow. I won't say that I'm this amazing fashionista that always gets it. I've definitely been known to produce my fair share of fashion fails. But I can say that I definitely turn heads.  

I am an ordinary girl on a budget that feels good when she looks good. I like versatility and dressing for the occasion. I tend not to censor myself even though I am pretty reserved. I’m not afraid to take risks, to break the rules or try new things. My not so simple fashion sense can be a double-edged sword since I work in a traditional 9 to 5 as a woman of color.  I like to see what feels right and go from there.

I've noticed when it comes to style blogging one has to be ready to fully engage one's opinions and critiques, but also be prepared and willing to receive much of the same from strangers.  What makes it scary is that "it" will never just be about the fashion it will always come back to the person and their personal style and lifestyle. I have to be prepared to put myself out there as a plus-sized, spiritual, CIS woman of color that identifies as pansexual. It's kind of scary,  but also kind of exciting. I think it's about time I started having fun with writing and not thinking of it as a chore. So wish me luck, it's now or never. Until next time, friends!

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx