006/365: Cultivating Plants For the First Time

August 06

006 of 365


Being a plant parent for the very first time. Watching my plants grow throughout the summer has been a major highlight of my summer. I’m nervous how the winter will switch things up, though.

005/365: Refreshing Sheet Mask Right Out The Cooler

August 05

005 of 365

No matter the season skincare is a neccesity.

004/365: Early Mornings Greeting the Sun

August 4

004 of 365


Greeting the sun with a glass jar of water just be for the birds start causing a ruckus is definitely one of my favorite summer pastimes.

003/365: Pulling Off That Dewy Look

August 03

003 of 365


Looking “Dewy” when in fact you are a sweaty and oily hot mess, but manage to still be cute.

(Yes, I use Snapchat!)

002/365: Cold Summer Drinks On a Hot Humid Day

August 02

002 of 365


Ice cold drinks on a hot humaid day…what more can one really say?