New Directions, From Lifestyle to Fashion Style

I am toying with the idea of blogging/vlogging more in the fashion and style arena.  I told myself I was going to be a lifestyle blogger, but looking at what holds my interest and passion, style & fashion call to me. My initial resistance from shifting gears comes from the lifestyle/style/ fashion blog/vlog genre being oversaturated. I get that I shouldn’t let the numbers or competition stop me, but I feel like it's almost too easy. And I grew up with the notion that nothing in life is easy.  

I feel ready to write from my inner snarky voice that seems to always have something to say. I want to play around and write about things that are real, sassy, pretty and skirt around trash meets classy. I want to inspire, but I also want to have fun writing and showcasing my personality,  my fashion, my personal style.

My sense of fashion and style is all about feeling good first then letting the style follow. I won't say that I'm this amazing fashionista that always gets it. I've definitely been known to produce my fair share of fashion fails. But I can say that I definitely turn heads.  

I am an ordinary girl on a budget that feels good when she looks good. I like versatility and dressing for the occasion. I tend not to censor myself even though I am pretty reserved. I’m not afraid to take risks, to break the rules or try new things. My not so simple fashion sense can be a double-edged sword since I work in a traditional 9 to 5 as a woman of color.  I like to see what feels right and go from there.

I've noticed when it comes to style blogging one has to be ready to fully engage one's opinions and critiques, but also be prepared and willing to receive much of the same from strangers.  What makes it scary is that "it" will never just be about the fashion it will always come back to the person and their personal style and lifestyle. I have to be prepared to put myself out there as a plus-sized, spiritual, CIS woman of color that identifies as pansexual. It's kind of scary,  but also kind of exciting. I think it's about time I started having fun with writing and not thinking of it as a chore. So wish me luck, it's now or never. Until next time, friends!

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx