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I had the an amazing opportunity to connect and speak with a brilliant designer & creator. After speaking openly as two women of color (well, as openly as you can in a predominantly white space) about being a woman of color in Minnesota I was inspired to share more of my thoughts as an activist, advocate, writer, and storyteller.

As an activist and advocate I am fighting for the rights and well being of communities of color. I am marching, writing to politicians, boycotting, producing commentaries, using my buying power, promoting specific brands/companies/ organizations and presence to stand behind my communities. I have pretty much decided that I am tired of being silenced. Having a high profile job just isn’t in my cards given how outspoken I have chosen to be about my political beliefs.

As a writer I am always thinking about how to use my words. I try to be intentional and rational, but my emotions don’t always play by those rules. I am passionate about being true to one’s self and acknowledging the goddess within; the creator, educator, and healer that we have within us. When I write I am using my narrative as a spiritual woman of color to invoke and inspire conversations with and between other women of color. As horrible as it may sound my content may not be for white women that come across this blog and that’s okay. There needs to be more content created to connect with those that are marginalized and disenfranchised.

As a storyteller I use my narrative to express my experiences and share my knowledge. I use my voice to to challenge status quo, to agitate, educate, and provoke emotions and critical thought. When I share my narrative I am also creating a space that allows me to do my part in creating peace and bringing positivity to others. Call me old school, but I am aware that in order to get the good parts we have to acknowledge sometimes muddle through the not so good parts. In my journey I have been able to clearly state that I am no longer willing to let someone else share my narrative on behalf without my permission. When we get down to the root of it all, No one knows my story better than I.  

As long as I am blessed to be on this earth I am going to do my part in sending out positive vibes to the people around me. I will use my knowledge of resources to help as many people as I can. Contrary to popular belief I don’t have to choose between being serious and having fun. I am going to educate those willing to learn something new and even challenge what I think I know. I will use my connections and ways of knowing to further support communities of color and help us stay united and strong. It’s just a way of life. I hope that you also have a chance to be who you are without having to feel stifled or apologetic about it. Treat yourself and others well, mi gente.

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx


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On this day October 10, 2018 I am making some life changes.  It’s time I get my sh*t together. Not only am I overhaulin’ my health,  I'm also re-examining my skin routine, sleep routine and my blog approach. Kid Fury (in the last podcast from The Read) was right I need to step up my game and be a go-getter (even if it is a year later). If I want to continue claiming to be an Online Personality then my behind needs to be out here and make my online personality known! If I’m sayin’ I’m out here trying to support communities of color I can’t only show up to events that are hosted by Black and Brown People. I need to expand my horizons and support People of Color and their events.  My focus is still in Style & Lifestyle, but I’m about ready to start building my MN MOB Directory underway for 2019.

I can admit that I haven’t been doing what I need to and it’s about time to. I know I have to work harder and stop with all the lame excuses.  I am back on the quest to get back to me one area at a time. Yeah, my finances have been extra tight lately, but that doesn’t excuse why I haven’t been taking care of my health or why I have disengaged from my spirituality.  I have become someone that I don’t recognize and it’s time to get it together.

So this is my stance and declaration.  I’m fin-to level up starting with my spirituality and health. I’m going to own my schedule and follow through with plans. I got a plan and I’m going to make it work. No more excuses!

My plan is this and only this: Get my sh*t together.

Muchos besos,

xX mahina Xx



An online personality and storyteller in the realm of fashion, local Twin Cities life, and the empowerment of women of color and supporting communities of color. Generally spotted around town snapping photos, riding buses, and attempting to mind my own business.

September Style Trials 2018

This month let's try these: 

Fashion & Beauty Trys

  • Wearing 5 different pair of glasses/sunglasses

  • Wear a heels 7 days in a row

  • 15 Days of Makeup

  • Wear lipstick 15 different times

  • Wear accessories 5 days in a row at work


For Me, Myself & I Trys

  • Meditate 10-15 minutes a day for a week

  • Download a horoscope app & use daily

  • Mask it 7 days in a row

  • Attend 5 Fashion Events

  • Get rid of 5 apps



August Style Trials 2018

This month let's try these: 

Fashion & Beauty Trys

August Style Trials Donate Items
  • Wearing 7 different pair of glasses/sunglasses
  • Wear a skirt 7 days in a row
  • Share 1 learned style tip
  • Wear lipstick 10 different times
  • Wear accessories 7 days in a row

For Me, Myself & I Trys

Face Mask Image August 2018 Trials
  • Mask it 7 days in a row
  • Meditate 10-15 minutes a day for a week
  • Download a positive affirmation app and read daily
  • Take a day or two off of work
  • Give away or donate 10 accessories