006/365: Cultivating Plants For the First Time

August 06

006 of 365


Being a plant parent for the very first time. Watching my plants grow throughout the summer has been a major highlight of my summer. I’m nervous how the winter will switch things up, though.

005/365: Refreshing Sheet Mask Right Out The Cooler

August 05

005 of 365

No matter the season skincare is a neccesity.

003/365: Pulling Off That Dewy Look

August 03

003 of 365


Looking “Dewy” when in fact you are a sweaty and oily hot mess, but manage to still be cute.

(Yes, I use Snapchat!)

002/365: Cold Summer Drinks On a Hot Humid Day

August 02

002 of 365


Ice cold drinks on a hot humaid day…what more can one really say?

001/365: Bde Maka Ska Is So Extra…

August 01

001 of 365


Morning walks in Minnesota can easily transition into swimming laps as shown here at Bde Maka Ska (formaly known as Lake Calhoun). Taking walks in the summer is ultimately one of my favorite pass times. This was taken from my phone and I’m shocked at how well the image looks.