Fashion Week MN Guide Part 03

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Welcome to Part 03 of Fashion Week MN Guide 2018 Series. In the previous articles in this series Fashion Week MN Guide 2018, I shared with readers general info about Fashion Week and Fashion Week Minnesota. I also gave you my 2018 Must Attend Recommendations. In this post I’m giving you some ideas about what and who you should be wearing.

Fashion Week provides us a glance into the fashion industry as fashion connoisseurs. Here’s an industry secret: Fashion show/event attendees are not just there to serve as an audience, you are also play a major role in setting trends and future looks. That’s right most of us are looking at what the locals are doing and building creating from what we see. As much as some try to hide there isn’t a spot where you won’t be seen, so why not make an impression.

First rule of fashion engagement know your event.  Most events and organizers encourage attendees to express themselves and be provocative in style while others can make specific requests to help keep the focus where they want it directed. Most events during Fashion Week Minnesota let attendees know right there in the event descriptions what type of dress attire expected based upon the themes and the time of day an event is held. When deciding on what to wear never lose sight that each event is its own kind of party, so dress the part.

For shows hosted before 6pm you can generally assume that the event on the more casual side.  You don’t need to come dressed to nines, but you don’t necessarily want to show up in sweats and flip-flops either. During your evening shows that are featuring gowns and tuxes you will want to go for a more formal look to class it up. Nevertheless, here are a few fashion ideas to help you build your wardrobe for Fashion Week.

The Classic: Denim, Tee, and Jacket/Blazer

The Classic Look

It’s very rare that you can go wrong with this combination, especially if the event you are attending is a casual event.  What’s great is that this classic look can change from day to night by simply switching up your accessories, shoes, and makeup. When selecting the right jacket or blazer size does matter and so does the style.  Going go too large can make you look lost and confused while going too small just makes you look a hot mess. Don’t be afraid to go with a loud jacket/blazer.

 Where to shop:

Go to a local thrift store in your area to find the jacket and/or blazer that you can rock all season long. Cake Plus-Size Resale have some really awesome pieces in plus sizes. You don’t have to break the bank just to attend Fashion Week, just look good and feel good. For jeans you and definitely head to Target and find your style.

Wear Your Message: T-Shirt With a Message

Wear Your Message

This season wearing a message across your chest, down your leg or across your derriere is the most fashionable statement you can make. Not matter what you wear you will most likely offend somebody, so select your message wisely. For those of you that like to “push the envelope” it’s a great idea to ask a friend that identifies and/or is recognized in Communities of Color as a Person of color just to make sure your message doesn’t borderline on cultural appropriation or is just plain racist (remember racism is about the power dynamic, don’t get it twisted).

Staying Neutral: Neutral Tones Paired with a Great Shoe

Staying Neutral

There’s just something about neutrals (black, gray, ivory, beige, shades of white, etc.) that just work for both casual and formal events. Committing with neutrals allows you to fool people into believing you have totally expensive taste (at least that’s what every fashion blogger/vlogger claims). If you are going for the look that says you care, but not really, this just might be what you are looking for. A great way to take the neutral look to the next level is to pop on minimalist inspired accessories and a great pair of shoes.

Where to shop:  

If you are looking to spend a good chunk of money you will definitely want to head over to Queen Anna. The fashion is highbrow and you can find real quality pieces that will last you a lifetime.

Embrace Monotones: One Color From Head to Toe


 Wearing an outfit decked out in just one color is definitely eye catching. Whether you go loud or neutral you are bound to turn heads. There are a couple of ways that you can do monotone which includes committing to one specific color and adding layers with contrasting under tones. One can also go one color and throw in accessories like a clutch, shoes, or belt that happens to be a completely different color than your selected color of your outfit. 

Where to shop:

Bris Carbajal owner of the label Yessenya has some amazing designs that you can find in both colorful and monotones. I’m totally bias because I love everything that she makes.

Accessorize, Accessorize: Accessorize


It’s amazing what a necklace or a pair of earrings can offer an outfit. Whether you are looking to dress up or dress down finding the perfect accessory is a must. Accessories should also accentuate an outfit not carry it. Experiment with color and different materials. Avoid wearing too many accessories that drown out your outfit in turn making you look less than the best. Consider acquiring pieces that you can pair with more than one outfit and are equal investment to who often you plan to wear said purchases.

Where to shop:

Pretty Rock Girl has a variety of options when it comes to unique jewelry options. I have been a long time fan and always recommend them if you are looking for some major statement pieces.

Formal Formality: Fancy Women and Menswear

Formal Formality

Formal Wear is more than a formality. With cocktail attire you are able to go big or simple. In any case wear pieces that fit and compliment your body. When considering the attire you wish to wear think about mobility and comfortability. Most formal fashion events have an opportunity before and after the event for people to mingle and take photos.  If you plan on moving anywhere beyond your seat then plan to wear something that allows you to relax and enjoy yourself (shoes included). While you can definitely spend a bunch of money on one outfit consider going to a consignment shop or a local formal wear vendor that can help personalize your experience.

Where to shop:

For menswear I would recommend looking up Tim +Thom as well as MartinPatrick3. Now I don’t know much about menswear, but I know that I’ve liked what I’ve seen. The fashions are always hot and they offer a personalized shopping experience. For women’s formal I would recommend exploring designer Victor Farmah, and shopping Via’s Vintage.

Casual with a Twist: The Basics Jazzed Up

Casual Twist

One of the best things about fashion is that you can dress just about anything or down.  You don’t have to go completely overboard to make a fashion statement.  You can jazz up an everyday outfit by simply mixing patterns, colors, layers, or adding accessories and a pair of good looking shoes.  

Where to shop:

All over the place, skies the limit!

Fashion Week is all about the fashion and drawing inspiration. Try not to be afraid to go against the masses, but are member to be respectful.  Everyone is out and about to have a great time so have fun, relax, and talk to 5 new people.

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Now that you have ideas on what you want to wear and which events to attend it’s time to starting thinking about where you want to eat and mingle! Be sure to make your way back to the kissmypassion Blog to find out which restaurants and eateries should be on your radar.