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Spread Joy in 7 Ways

Spread Joy in 7 Ways

In my many years of living I’ve observed that the holiday season tends to bring out the best in us as well as the worst.  This month let’s try to bring out the best in not only ourselves, but in those around us. Here’s a list of 7 things you can do to spread the joy and help restore a bit of humanity this season.  

share a smile


Smiles are contagious, priceless, and the joy driving those smiles then to ripple out in to the universe to those that need it the most. Keep in mind the point isn’t to force a smile on someone, but to share what you can without being imposing. Be very aware that telling someone to smile can actually do more harm than good especially if you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life or the inner struggles that they may be carrying.  By smiling at someone else you are inviting them to do the same and you are wish them well. Let the people you encounter feel the joy in your heart from smiling with no expectations.  

phone a friend

Whether it’s a text, phone call, or even a Snapchat Message, your friends’ want to hear from you.  We as mammals are social creatures and we crave positive social interactions. So when you get a chance get in touch with a friend ask how they are doing and show them that you genuinely care.

boost some self-esteem

We are bombarded with images and messages that tell us that we are not enough unless we blah-blah-blah, we know that that’s not true, we simply don’t hear it or express it enough. The next time you see a friend or a stranger let them know that they are wonderful the way they are.  Not quite sure of what to say?  Try these on for size: 1.   Hey, you are looking mighty fine today. 2.   Your penmanship is awesome!

  • Hey, you are looking mighty fine today.

  • Your penmanship is awesome!

  • I love your personality.

  • You made my day.  

  • You have an amazing talent in cooking, I’m going to have to schedule a class with you.

  • If someone hasn’t already told you, you are amazing.

  • I’m glad that I know you and you are in my life.

Caution: You just might find yourself feeling a bit more elated. 

listen and be silent

We all have a lot on our minds and a lot on our plates. There are times when we just need a sounding board.  We need someone to listen to what’s on our hearts to clear the clutter out of our minds. With that being said we don’t all necessarily want people to weigh in on the situation, we often just want people to listen. Pay attention to the signs, better yet be silent unless asked a direct question that isn’t rhetorical. Smiling eyes and open ears just may earn you a happy hug.    

saying thank you


 A “thank you” can go a very long way.  We love being appreciated and recognized for the things that we do. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post Gratitude is a Lifestyle, gratitude makes us happy and helps builds stronger relationships. 

It’s important to say “Thank You”, try to go beyond just a halfhearted “thanks”.  I say go old school and pull out the thank you cards or write a genuine handwritten thank you letter. Keep in mind what you write doesn’t have to be long, speak from the heart and let someone know how much you appreciate them. Be warned, tears of joy may be shed.

volunteer your time

Often we can be so focused on ourselves that we neglect to see outside of our own life stories. There are a lot of people that have very little, even less than ourselves. Volunteering your time to do for others can be a spirit lifting ordeal.  There are tons of things that you can volunteer to do whether it’s helping sort clothes and food for shelters, reading to school aged children, spending time with an elder that is lonely, or doesn’t get many visitors.  Time is precious so spend it well.

pay it forward

Remember what if felt like when someone did a selfless act for you and no matter what they wouldn’t take anything other form of payment than a thank you?  Well, there is a way to pay them back after all by paying it forward. The concept of pay it forward is to do for others in kindness as others may have done for you without really expecting something in return. If you see someone struggling and you have the means to alleviate that struggle in a positive way, that’s your chance help a person out.  Your one act of kindness just might save someone’s life or inspire a positive change of events that we very much need in this world.  

 There are a million and one other things that you can do to spread joy and happiness into the world.  This 7-point list is a starting point just for you. Spreading happiness is a great way to sustain joyfulness in your life and do your part in making the world a better place. Leave a comment below to share when and what did you do to help spread some cheer.  



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