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Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas Just For You

Easy Last Minute Costume Ideas Just For You

Halloween is in just a few days, but festivities are already going down. If you are looking for a simple and quick costume idea to get you through the weekend look no further. Here are some easy costume ideas that will cost you under 20 bucks and can be done without appropriating or marginalizing people of color.


The classic burglar costume is sure to be a hit for even the most last second planner. This is probably one of the easiest costumes to achieve. Being a burglar is a great way to exercise your creativity and quickly pull together a last minute Halloween Costume when you just can’t get it together. What’s great is you can go for literal or a play on words. Here’s the vision:


  • horizontal striped shirt in black and white

  • black Pants

  • black knit hat & black gloves

  • strip of black material to cover your eyes (cut out eye holes)

  • prop:  what sack with a filler and a dollar sign drawn on the outside


  • plain black top

  • black Pants

  • black knit hat & black gloves

  • strip of black material to cover your eyes (cut out eye holes) or just draw

  • black mask with makeup/face paint

Cat Burglar:            

  • same dress as burglar (see above)

  • prop: a stuff animal that just happens to be a cat


  • same dress as burglar (see above)

  • draw on a cat nose & some cat whiskers

  • cat ear headband

House Burglar        

  • same dress as burglar (see above)

  • prop: carry miniature houses around

rosie the riveter

This is possibly one of the most Iconic Costumes out there and more than likely running into your costume twin all night long. This is something that is easy and you can go as dramatic or simple and still get the same costume effect. Here’s what you need to pull together:

  • a red scarf/ bandanna

  • jean/chambray shirt that can be folded up

  • matching jeans & belt

  • makeup: 1940’s inspired look


tarot reader  

This is by far my favorite and easiest costume to come by. You don’t need too much more than what you typically already have in your closet.  Here’s how you need to get your ensemble together:


  • scarf to wrap around your head

  • long  flowy skirt or bell bottom pants

  • shawl to wear over your shoulders

  • gaudy jewelry in the form of rings and necklaces

  • a lot of bangles

  • makeup: full brows and matching cat eye

  • props:  tarot/ playing cards or an 8-ball and answer your friends’ questions...for a price.


snapchat filters

Social Media Apps are so in this season and Snapchat seems to be the frontrunner with all of the fun filters taking pics to new heights. These will take a little bit of crafting skills to create and the knowledge of makeup in most cases to pull off a successful costume. Here are some things people are doing.

Crown of Flowers

  • base for flower crown (headband, string, wire, yarn,)

  • fake flowers

  • glue gun & glue

  • makeup: highlight like your life depends on it & match your look to the filter look


  • a base for crown (headband, string, wire, yarn,)

  • fake butterflies

  • glue gun & glue

  • makeup: highlight like your life depends on it & match your look to   the filter look


decades costumes

Wearing looks of the past is so much fun it should probably be banned.  Committing past fashion faux paux and fads is thrilling as it is simple. Find a decade that you want to remind the world of and go for it. There are endless possibilities, but here are some starters in case you aren’t sure where to start:


  • black Leggings (double if you can see through)

  • tight black shirt or striped black & white tight shirt

  • scarf around the neck

  • black ballet shoes

  • black sunnies

  • a beret


Totally 80’s

  • leggings

  • leg warmers

  • tennis shoes

  • over sized t-shirt with neck collar cut off

  • body suit or tank top

  • makeup: 80's inspired



Who doesn’t love a good emoji?  Why not dress up like the one you couldn’t live without.  An emoji costume can be as elaborate as you want it to be the this the version listed here is so simple that anyone that reads this will understand how last minute and how much effort someone like me wants to put into an entire costume.  This is all you will need: 


  • construction paper

  • stick to tape emoji mask to

  • dress in all black  

Whatever costume you choose just remember to keep it tasteful.  Despite popular belief you can find a costume ides that are not offensive,a gross misrepresentation of a people, or just flat out racist. Nobody likes racists. Enjoy your Halloween Weekend!

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