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Maybelline’s Remix of Popular Korean Beauty Lip Trend

Maybelline’s Remix of Popular Korean Beauty Lip Trend

product: Lip Studio Colorblur     by: Maybelline     price: $ 8.99

place of purchase: Target (in store & online), Ulta (in store & online), Walgreens,

first glance

The packaging is cute and simple cased as a duo lippie. Cap end to cap end I’d say this product is roughly 5.5 inches long.  The color of the lippie corresponds with the casing itself. Most of the text is in a black font, and it gives off a fun feminine feel.  The caps differ as one end is a bit longer and black capping the lipstick side. The the other end has a shorter see-through-dark cap that gives you a peak of the opaque lip smudging applicator. The color I have is the 10 Fast and Fuschia. 

my opinions & observations

I loved how this product was encased and that they included directions on how to properly use this product.  The fact that they used white text and white images on the black cap was genius in my opinion. One can tell there was some actual thought put into the design, and I couldn’t be more tickled with the end result.

This matte cream pencil is unique as it has a smudging property that glam dolls can use to move the product around their lips as they see fit.  I find that the formula is very reminiscent of  Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid Matte Liquid.  So it’s creamy, soft, and awesomely pigmented. The formula does take a while to “dry” but still, gives you that non-glossy finish.  Personally, my lips seem to be going through some things right now, so I found this a bit drying after 15 minutes or so.  Keep in mind that the Studio Color blur is not necessarily formulated to be long lasting so yes the color can come off, but the lip stain helps maintain some color on your lips. 

 #glamfabtip: When using the color blur cream pencil keep some lip gloss handy to touch up with and to give your lips some extra life.  

When I first saw this product I thought I knew what was going down. I assumed that you were supposed to get that ombre lip look that seems to be really popular in the States right now, but after further investigation, I realized that this product was actually showcasing a to the rest of the world a popular Korean beauty lip trend. This lip look includes thinly saturating the area where your lips meet with color then smudging the color out towards your outer lips in a fade out kind of way, leaving the outside of your lips your natural skin color.

What’s great is that you can flip the script and apply the color around the perimeter of your lips and smudge the color towards the place where your lips meet creating the American ombre look.  The color is so beautiful and bright you just might opt to wear this lippie as a full lip lipstick. 

I love that this cream formula is really soft you barely have to use any pressure to get color onto your lips. This means you are getting more bang for your buck.  There many things that I love about this product, but there are 3 main things that I also really unlove. 

maybelline colorblur lippie

The color selection is pretty limited, and they stick to traditional pinkie family.  I would have loved to see this product in non-traditional colors like light blue, green, or even gold, I think I would probably spontaneously develop super powers if they did. 

For my ladies with brown lips like myself, the Korean lippie trend seems to be for ladies with pink lips, so you have to use a second color to create that “nude” lip color, meaning this product wasn’t necessarily considered for ladies like me.

The formula seemed to be a bit drying after time and really emphasized lip lines.  

I would recommend this product to others and remind them that they are dealing with a mattifying product. I would tell my friends that have darker lip tones that they may need to pair this product with another color if they are looking at using this as it’s intended.

#glamfabtip: When using the color blur cream pencil use a foundation or concealer on the outer rim of your lip for a clean cut lip ombre effect.

buy time

Buy this when you want to try something different, but aren’t looking for an essential piece for your makeup kit personal or professional. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The colors really scream warm weather look, not so much cold.


Maybelline’s Studio Color blur cream pencil lipstick is soft and highly pigmented.  There are directions on how to use the product as it’s intended right on the packaging. This lippie is not long lasting formulated, but the lip stain does give your lips some color. The smudger is great not with just this product, but can be used with lipsticks as well to make well-blended disappearing lines. I would recommend this brand and this product to my friends and strangers alike.

What say you of this Popular Korean Beauty Lip Trend? Did I get right? Wrong?  Unsure?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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