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New York Biology Anti-Aging Products Review: Eye Cream & Retinol

New York Biology Anti-Aging Products Review: Eye Cream & Retinol

New York Biology Retinol Moisturizer w Hyaluronic

New York Biology Anti-Aging Products

first glance

Both of these products come in a cylindrical container with a unique pump that helps prevent contaminating the whole container of product.  The labeling for these products are reflective, very similar to a plastic mirror.  The text comes in black with a clean cut look nothing fancy. Reading the ingredient lists are a bit of a pain because of the mirror reflection, but the packaging still looks good.  These topical creams have a full top pump that you press down to get the “perfect” amount of product to use. These products are capped with a short, clear lid.

my opinions & observations

Know that I received this product from New York Biology without monetary compensation, but with the expectation of an honest review. (For the record I’m pretty judgmental honest to a fault, but that’s my life as a self-proclaimed professional judger and lifestyle critic.) 

The packaging looks to me looks very clean geometrically and borders on futuristic.  Love the fact that you can’t contaminate the rest of your product during use. I recommend that you wash your hands before removing moisturizer from the small opening. What’s great is that the dispensers were made to for customers to get just the right amount of product, but because of the consistency of these products one could get away with only using half a pump of product.

retinol moisturizer cream

This moisturizer is creamy, hydrating, and fragrance-free. Looking at the ingredient list online and then the ingredients on the label seem to be in conflict. There are a lot of great ingredients used in this product like jojoba oil and shea butter. I may have overlooked it in the small print, but I don’t recall seeing hyaluronic acid in the actual list of products in the labeling, so that is a bit of a troubling.  I also noticed that among the leading ingredients palm oil and PG are listed. Palm oil is not something that I would encourage you to put on your face in any amount because of the pore-clogging properties. And PG is a known skin irritant.

MK Skin Profile

This product is supposed to help with reducing acne.  I found that it mildly assisted with my acne problems, and did a great job of acting as a moisturizer.  This retinol moisturizer is pretty thick and feels a bit heavy. I noticed that my skin felt as if it had a noticeable layer of product on my face which did temporarily appear more plumped, but also a bit greasy instead of supple and radiant. Because of how heavy the product is I would recommend using this product as a night treatment and be sure to follow up with a sunscreen as not to counter the effects of your night treatment.

I would recommend this product to friends that are into experimenting with different skincare products and looking for an overnight treatment.  This product would work on many different skin types, but would be super for those with dry skin.  I would put out the disclaimer to tread with caution is one has sensitive skin issues (until it is known what organic herbal infusion really means and entails).

#glamfabtip: Any product that contains retinol or hyaluronic acid should be followed up by a sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.

eye gel

When you apply this eye gel it’s cool to touch and feels refreshing during application.  The texture feels like a thick gel, and you will need very little when applying. This New York Biology's Eye Gel is also fragrance-free and contains jojoba oil, plant stem cells, as well as organic aloe. Know that there is a mystery ingredient referred as an “organic herbal infusion,” which can be any number of plants. If you have sensitive skin, beware as a consumer because we really have no clue what is in the infusion and how your skin may react.

This product does fantastic in the initial application.  I found that when you first apply this product it does a great job in tightening the areas around your eyes and does a terrific job of blurring fine lines. This product is also supposed to help with dark circles, in my case I didn’t see much of a difference, but that may be due to having darker skin.  I noticed that there wasn’t much in the way of lifting the skin, but I did notice that the skin felt tighter underneath my eyes making them look more refreshed.

I would recommend this product to friends that are into experimenting with different skincare products and searching for something to blur those fine lines around their eyes. This product would work well for those with mature dull skin and that don’t have to worry about sensitive skin issue (until we learn what this organic herbal infusion entails). 


The Retinol Moisturizer produced by New Your Biology is creamy and fragrance-free. One of the leading ingredients is palm oil which has pore-clogging properties.  This product also contains a mystery infusion of herbs, so sensitive skin beware. This product temporarily plumps your skin which does wonders in blurring wrinkle lines and is very hydrating when used correctly.

New York Biology’s Eye Gel is a heavier eye gel that is dispensed out of the cool and unique pump.  This fragrance-free product is cool to the touch and gives eyes refreshing look if you apply it very sparingly. You will dab just a bit underneath your eyes and over any fine lines in the eye area.  This product does include a mystery herbal infusion.

Disagree or agree?  Let me know by leaving a comment.  I look forward to reading and responding to what you have to say!

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