September Goals

September Goals

Happy September everyone! And a very happy birthday to all of the Libras and Virgos out there. It’s so crazy that once upon a time September was a constant barrage of crazy for me that included starting school, finding new work, and creating the foundation of my life based on a class schedule. With that life now left behind, I have to find a purpose beyond getting high marks and pursuing research. Dare I say; I am on a personal quest of being a functional adult? 

Eh, maybe.

I have attempted to take inventory of my life and have been able to narrow the categories that I need to get it together.  My listicles forecast that I need to focus on personal goals, professional goals, blogger & influencer goals, and health goals.  I don’t know about you, but just reading that felt a little bit intimidating.


Okay. Here we go.  I ‘ve got some goals for September, and I’m going to attack them head on!   


Personal Goals

  • Stick to the planner

  • Flex photography skills with flat lays

  • Read latest book purchase daily

  • Purchase once a week from minority owned businesses

Professional Goals

  • Search for a Nonprofit to work or volunteer for

  • Revamp my resume & cover letter

  • Go to 2 networking events

Blogging & Influencer Goals

  • Post to blog two times a week

  • Post once a week on Instagram

  • Gain 10 followers on IG & Bloglovin

  • Reach out to 5 minority owned businesses

Health Goals

  • Meet daily walking & workout goals

  • Focus on water intake

  • Find an accountability buddy

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