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Into 2017 and Beyond

Into 2017 and Beyond

Jumping into 2017 head first without really looking is risky, scary, and exciting. While everyone else is hell bent on resolutions I’m seeking avenues that lead to the endless possibilities of joys and pleasures. At the beginning of 2017 I find myself happily single and child-free. I have no shame in declaring I have no one holding me back from exploring the world around me and seeking unconventional paths to happiness and positivity.  I am not ashamed of the lifestyle I lead or plan to lead, nor should d I have to be.  I sought this life and in return, this life has taught me about being me unapologetically. My happiness is determined by me not by the measure of the world around me.  This year I will be happy and the year after that, and the one after that and for many more years to come.  Every journey starts somewhere and my journey starts here.  

i will…·      

  •  embrace my happy

  • positively affect someone’s life

  • complete my 1001 project

  • make 2 new friends

  •  share my knowledge and wisdom

  • be a great friend, auntie, and sister

  •  give back to my communities of color

  • live my brand completely

I will use my platform to help others that wish to do the same things and feel good about it.

I will accomplish all listed here and more.  Keep in mind I have rules in engaging in happiness. For starters in what I do I should cause the least amount of harm to someone else. I will bring people along with me on this journey, I mean what’s the point of happiness if you can’t share it with someone? I will be genuine in my feelings and allow myself to feel what I feel, but not be weighted down my negativity.  Most importantly I will forgive myself for mistakes no matter how big or small.

2017 is the beginning of something beautiful, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope you are willing to share your expectations of 2017 with me.  Sharing is caring so be sure to share 3 things you are looking forward to doing this year or even continuing from last year. 

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