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In 2017: March Goals

In 2017: March Goals


I swear it was February just five minutes ago! February was a month of reflection and reacquainting myself with a part of my heritage that is often shoved into the background. Though the fight for equity and equality seems like it is a never ending battle, it is a battle I am glad to be a part of. Complacency isn’t one of my strong suits so it’s no wonder that I’ve got goals on my mind. Being knee deep into March and the scent of Spring is in the air is a great reminder that change needs to come. This month I have been concentrating on spending time with family, finishing some unfinished business, preparing for MN Fashion Week, and spreading some good.  I feel rejuvenated and ready to continue to journey forward.  What better way to get there than embracing the next season. Come on with the come on, Spring!  With February come and gone March seems like a great month for opportunity, growth and accomplishing some goals.  I’ve got a feeling that that March is going to be a good month!

In March I shall…

·         Stay away from fast food…

·         Post 1 YouTube Video-Vlog

·         Complete Vision Board

·         Do that tax thing

·         Finish reading my unfinished book

·         Stock products for online store & Plan Launch

·         Plan and complete 4 photography sessions

o   Nature

o   Patterns

o   Floors

o   Art

·         Do something extra grown up like wine tasting

·         Attend a dance class

·         Enter a contest or two (writing)

·         Have a Sister Day & Auntie-Niece Day

·         Donate clothes & Shoes

·         Go to church…maybe…we’ll see…or not

·         Condense my closet major

Spring Look #001

Spring Look #001

5 Ways You Can Support Minority Owned Businesses

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