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journey 001

journey 001


today’s jam: Never Keeping Secrets -  Babyface

read today: Twitter Feed, NY Times

seen today: Running Man

today’s wish: My back didn’t feel like I broke something vital.

quote: If they matter to you, let them know.

This quote in practice is something that I hold near and dear to my heart.  We all know that tomorrow is never promised.  And sometimes we take for granted or assume that the people in our lives know how we feel. You know what they say about people and assume… Well rather than wait until tomorrow, today let the people that matter to you most know how you feel. It can feel odd to do out of the blue, but the practice is appreciated by friends and family alike.  

daily reflection

Life…urgh!  That’s what I have to say about my feels today. My back decided that it didn’t like life and is being a major pain, literally.  I’m stuck on my bed willing my body to cooperate.  So yes, I’m disgruntled by it and strongly dislike that my day off has been dismantled by pain. But I have found my silver lining in creating posts, putting together my content calendar, and listening to some chill music. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

Today, I was also reminded that my family is there for me.  Though I was on bed rest my 7-year-old niece stepped up to help me out when I couldn't quite get out of bed. She also went as far as to say that she'll be a doctor one day and I can come to her office whenever I needed. This little girl is my heart.   

My purpose in life is still a mystery, but I can tell you now that I live with the intent to keep on educating my niece and young people that they are important, smart, and can change the world into one full of love, care, and peace. 


journey 002

journey 002

Create A Positive Journaling Journey

Create A Positive Journaling Journey