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journey 002

journey 002


today’s jam: Rain -  SWV

read today: Twitter Feed, The Chriselle Factor

seen today: Nothing.

today’s wish: My back didn’t feel like I broke something vital.

quote: You are not a mess. You’re brave for trying. 

The fact of the matter is that no one is perfect. You shouldn’t strive for perfection, but there’s nothing wrong with doing your personal best. Heck life is messy and chaotic the fact that you still get up and live life makes you amazing.  Take every moment one at a time, take the time to regroup, and continue to face each day finding a silver lining. 

daily musings & reflections

My back feels just a little bit better…just a little bit. Despite the pain, I was once again productive.  I had 3 phone interviews and 2 companies reach out to me about my resume!  Go, me! It feels good to be in demand; I know that I will make it to the next round with at least 2 of the companies just hope that they are willing to meet my salary requirements. 

Today when I was trying to piece together what my expectations for my featurettes I came up with a blank.  I know that I want to promote minority-owned businesses by people of color.  I think that it’s important to support our small businesses and our communities by promoting the community of color dollar.  But will my featurettes really make a difference?  I mean I am small change when it comes to the blogosphere and what I want to accomplish. My goal is to become a resource that is in touch with what is going on in our communities of color and how we can support each other positively in these mad crazy times. A community that buys together thrives together is my business motto. 

Am I doing too much? Should I just move forward with my plan and hope they fall in line? I don’t like being so unsure, but that’s the nature of life isn’t?  

Leave a comment below telling me what you think.  I could really use some added insight about now. 

journey 003

journey 003

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journey 001